вопросительные предложения в английском языке упражнения 4 класс

Вопросительные слова в английском. Упражнения

Как выучить английские вопросительные слова? Нужно делать много упражнений! Я предлагаю несколько упражнений на вопросительные слова в английском языке, которые помогут Вам закрепить тему. Ознакомьтесь также с правилами и таблицами использования вопросительных слов.

Первые из предложенных упражнений на английские вопросительные слова подойдут для детей, которые только начинают изучать английский, далее сложность упражнений возрастает.

Упражнения на вопросительные слова для детей.

Следующие упражнения подойдут для детей – учеников 3 – 4 классов.

Упражнение 1. Match the question words to the answers.

a) Twelve years old

c) Because I like them.

Упражнение 2. Вставьте вопросительные слова: what, where or when.

  1. _____ does Molly get up? – At 10 o’clock.
  2. _____ does Molly have lunch? – At school.
  3. _____ does Molly read in the morning? – A book.
  4. _____ do Molly’s parents get home? – At 6 o’clock.
  5. _____ does Molly’s family have dinner? – At home.
  6. _____ does Molly do after dinner? – She brushes her teeth.

Упражнение 3. Ask questions with who, what, how, where, when or why

  1. _______ is your name?
  2. _______ do you spell your name?
  3. _______ are you from?
  4. _______ do you live?
  5. _______ old are you?
  6. _______ is your birthday?
  7. _______ tall are you?
  8. _______ kind of films do you like?
  9. _______ is your favorite singer?
  10. _______ is your favorite TV programme?

Упражнение 4. Look at these answers Find one answer for each question word.

f) Because it’s late

Английские вопросительные слова. Упражнения для 5 класса.

Следующие несколько упражнений на вопросительные слова окажутся полезными ученикам 5 класса.

Упражнение 5. Вставьте вопросительные слова.

  1. ______ is Molly thinking about?
  2. ______ don’t you wear this funny sweater?
  3. ______ does your boyfriend go on Mondays?
  4. ______ didn’t you come to school yesterday?
  5. ______ is Susan wearing?
  6. ______ do you think of Fred?
  7. ______ often does Derek go running?
  8. ______ don’t we go fishing this afternoon?
  9. ______ much are these pants?
  10. ______ tall is Rachel?
  11. ______ are they from?
  12. ______ far is your school from our house?

Упражнение 6. Choose and write.

How old, When, How often, How tall, How many

  1. _____ is your mum’s birthday? – It’s on the 21 st of May.
  2. _____ should you eat fruit and vegetables? – Every day
  3. _____ is your dad? – He’s 1m 95cm tall.
  4. _____ is your dad? – He’s 30 years old.
  5. _____ apples do you eat every day? – Two.

Упражнение 7. Fill in the question words

  1. _____ did your mum make? A cake.
  2. _____ did you decorate the Christmas tree? With ornaments.
  3. _____ do you play jokes?- On April 1st
  4. _____ presents did you get? Five.
  5. _____ do you celebrate New Year? At home.
  6. _____ do you like parties?-Because they’re fun.
  7. _____ were you on your last birthday? Nine.

Упражнение 8. Вставьте вопросительные слова.

  1. _____ was your holiday like? – It was fantastic!
  2. _____ did you go there? – Last month.
  3. _____ did you go there with? – With my friends.
  4. _____ did you like best in the camp? – The picnics in the woods.
  5. _____ did you like the picnics? –Because they were fun.

Упражнение 9. Choose and write.

  1. ____ lives at the seaside? – Mary’s grandad
  2. ____he go fishing? – In the morning
  3. ____does he collect shells? – On the beach.
  4. ____did Mary’s grandad find on the beach? – A bottle with a strange message
  5. ____does Mary visit her grandad? – Because she loves him.

Упражнение 10. Write in how many, where, what, when or how old.

  1. ________is your school number? – Number 96
  2. ________ is your school? – 45 years old.
  3. ________lessons do you have on Friday? – Five.
  4. ________ is your last lesson on Monday? – English.
  5. ________do you play sports games? In the gym.
  6. ________ children are there in your class? -26.

Упражнение 11. Write in what, where, when, who or why

  1. _______ did Pete do yesterday? – To the amusement park
  2. _______ did he go there? – In the afternoon.
  3. _______ did he go there with? – With Molly.
  4. _______ did he have lunch? –At home.
  5. _______ did he get home? – At 4 o’clock.
  6. _______ did he like best? – He liked the ponies very much.
  7. _______ did he like them? – Because they were fast.
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Question words exercises. Более сложные упражнения.

Следующие упражнения на английские вопросительные слова несколько сложнее предыдущих. В любом случае, Вы сможете проверить себя, обратившись к ответам в конце статьи

Упражнение 12. Which question word is used to put the question to the italic type word or expression?

who, how, what, where, when, why, whom, with whom

  1. Jill phoned Amanda .
  2. Jane likes spaghetti so much.
  3. We can start working on Monday .
  4. The last test was the easiest.
  5. Janet met her friend at a party .
  6. Molly doesn’t want to dance with Greg .
  7. Megan’s worried about the test .
  8. We have seen this cartoon five times.
  9. My boyfriend’s family has got a flat on the seventy-fifth floor .
  10. It isn’t hot in England in the winter .
  11. Ann’s cousins are going to the concert tonight.
  12. Jannat was upset because she wasn’t invited to the concert .
  13. I’d like to listen to the radio .
  14. They went on an excursion by train .
  15. Molly borrowed money from my sisters .

Упражнение 13. Fill in.

  1. ________ Sally doing?
  2. ________are Greg’s hobbies?
  3. ________your phone number?
  4. ________do you think of Molly’s new dress?
  5. ________in the news today?
  6. ________does Janet’s sister look like?
  7. ________Nickolas playing with?
  8. ________silver used for?
  9. ________the man in black doing?

Упражнение 14. Ask questions with what, who or which.

  1. _______ kind of books do you like?
  2. _______ hand do you write with?
  3. _______ is your favorite actor?
  4. _______ actor do you prefer – Al Pacino or Jack Nicholson?

Упражнение 15. Complete the questions. Use question words.

  1. _____ kind of car have you got?
  2. _____ is your favorite sport?
  3. _____ ocean is bigger-the Atlantic or the Pacific?
  4. _____ book is this? Is it yours?
  5. _____ are you from? Are you English?
  6. _____ do you usually have your summer holiday? Do you have it in August?
  7. _____ are you in bed? Are you ill?
  8. _____ do you go to work? Do you go by car?
  9. _____ is your friend? Is he over 21?
  10. _____ are you? Are you over 1 meter 80?
  11. _____ children have you got?
  12. _____ were your shoes? Were they expensive?
  13. _____ do you go to the cinema? Do you go more than once a week?
  14. _____ have you lived in this town? Have you been here for very long?

Упражнение 16. Ask questions. Вставьте вопросительные слова.

  1. _______ do you go to work? – By train
  2. _______ do you start work? – At 8.30
  3. _______ coffee do you drink every day? – Not very much
  4. _______ do you usually have lunch? – In a cafe
  5. _______ do you go out in the evenings? – Once or twice a week.
  6. _______ sleep do you have a night? – 9 hours
  7. _______ do you usually go to bed? – At about 11.00

Упражнение 17. Вставьте вопросительные слова

How, when, where, how long, what, who

  1. _____ did you go on your last holiday? – To Greece
  2. _____ did you go there? – Last June
  3. _____ in Greece did you go? – To Crete.
  4. _____ did you go with? – I went with some friends.
  5. _____ did you go there? – We went by plane.
  6. _____ did you stay in Crete? – At a hotel
  7. _____ was the hotel like? – It was very good.
  8. _____ did you stay there? – For two weeks
  9. _____ was the weather like? – It was hot.

Ответы к упражнениям на английские вопросительные слова:

1-с, 2-f, 3-g, 4-e, 5-d, 6-b, 7-h, 8-a

1 when, 2 where, 3 what, 4 when, 5 where, 6 what

1 what, 2 how, 3 where, 4 where, 5 how, 6 when, 7 how, 8 what, 9 who, 10 what

1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-g, 5-e, 6-a, 7-f

1 what, 2 why, 3 where, 4 why, 5 what, 6 what, 7 how, 8 why, 9 how, 10 how, 11 where, 12 how

1 when, 2 how often, 3 how tall, 4 how old, 5 how many

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1 what, 2 how, 3 when, 4 how many, 5 where, 6 why, 7 how old

1 what 2 when, 3 who, 4 what, 5 why

1 who, 2 when, 3 where, 4 what, 5 why

1 what, 2 how old, 3 how much, 4 what, 5 where, 6 how many

1 where, 2 when, 3 who, 4 where, 5 when, 6 what /who, 7 why

1 whom, 2 who, 3 when, 4 what, 5 where, 6 with whom, 7 what, 8 how many, 9 where, 10 when, 11 where, 12 why, 13 what, 14 how, 15 whom

1 what’s, 2 what, 3 what’s, 4 what, 5 what’s, 6 what, 7 what’s, 8 what’s, 9 what’s

1 what, 2 which, 3 who, 4 which

1 What, 2 what, 3 which, 4 whose, 5 where, 6 when, 7 why, 8 how, 9 how old, 10 how tall, 11 how many, 12 how much, 13 how often, 14 how long

1 how, 2 when, 3 how much, 4 where, 5 how often, 6 how much, 7 when

1 where, 2 when, 3 where, 4 who, 5 how, 6 where, 7 what, 8 how long, 9 what

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отличные упражнения и для повторения, и для отработки темы. Содержат пассивную и активную лексику, достойную внимания! Учитель с 25-летним стажем.

Спасибо большое за отзыв.

These exercises are great. They are for different levels.

Thank you very well for that.

Упражнения замечательные. Спасибо! Только исправьте, пожалуйста, в упражнении 11 ответ под номером 7: Because they WERE fast.


Все типы вопросов в английском языке. Упражнения

В этом уроке мы отрабатываем на практике все типы вопросов в английском языке, то есть выполняем упражнения. Одновременно мы повторяем основные правила вопросительного предложения . А в конце подводим итоги и закрываем тему «Вопросительные предложения в английском языке».


Вопросы в английском языке

Упражнения на все типы вопросов: общий, альтернативный, специальный, к подлежащему, разделительный

Упражнение (вводное). Подберите вопросительное слово.
1. It’s my mother’s birthday next week. (Who, Whose, Whom)
2. My best friend lives in Green Street. (Whom, Whose, Who)
3. Mrs. Smith is in her office. (When, Where, How)
4. I’ve got two bottles of milk at home. (How many, How much, What)
5. Mr. Black usually walks his dog early in the morning. (Where, When , How often)
6. -… don’t you use a dictionary when you translate from Russian into English?
I know English well. (How, What, Why)
7. You’ve got a fine collection of coins. coin do you like best? (What, Which, Whose)
8. I see a little girl in the yard. (Who, What, Which)
9. — … does Eddy do for living? — He’s a businessman. (How, Where, What)
10. … is the weather today? — It is sunny. (What, How, Which)

Вопросительные слова (повторение)

Упражнение 1. Подберите вопросительное слово.

1. ……….. did you spend your summer holidays? — In the country.
2. ……….. is your new ball? — It’s red and white.
3. ……….. did you go there in June? — Because my parents had their holidays in June.
4. ………… was with you? — My grandparents were.
5. ……….. did they make friends? — When they were ten.
6. ………… do you go to the mountains? — We go there every summer.
7. ………… can you play the game? — Very well.
8. ………… do little children like to do? — They like to play hide-and-seek.
9. ………… do you have parties? — Once a month.
10. …………. do you spell your last name (фамилию)? B-E-L-O-V.


Отличные упражнения для закрепления темы «Типы вопросов в английском языке»

Рубрика: Грамматика

Приветствую, мои дорогие читатели.

Ну что же, я вам обещала интересный тест-практикум по типам вопросов — получайте. Ответы вы как всегда найдете в конце статьи. Можете также повторить правила по отдельным типам вопросов:

Также не забудьте посетить обзорную страницу с основными грамматическими правилами английского языка и практическими заданиями к ним.

Упражнение 1.

Сформируйте общий вопрос. Пример:

—Jane doesn’t like lemon. (apples)

—Does Jane like apples?

  1. John was busy yesterday evening. (today)
  2. I prefer reading a book before going to bed. (watch TV)
  3. I can play football very well. (volley-ball)
  4. Spanish is spoken in Spain. (Latin America)

Сформируйте общий вопрос к предложению:

  1. She is a very good teacher.
  2. Her parents are both doctors.
  3. Lane visited many countries.
  4. He couldn’t drive last summer.
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Упражнение 2.

Сформируйте специальный вопрос ко всему предложению:

  1. I am keen on visiting new countries. (What)
  2. She works from 6 a.m. till 4 p.m. (How many hours)
  3. She will meet me at the platform. (What time)
  4. I was not ready to go through the test. (Why)
  5. Jack is a member of a school football team.(Who)
  6. My sister likes travelling by car. (How)
  7. You can look for information on a timetable on the ground floor. (Where)
  8. They visited all Europe countries last year. (When)

Упражнение 3.

Сформируйте специальный вопрос к подлежащему:

  1. She was drinking cold water. (Who)
  2. Our neighbor’s children broke the window. (Who)
  3. Lily hasn’t answered the questions yet. (Who)
  4. Sting is my favorite singer. (Who)
  5. Jake is going to Turkey next Saturday. (Who)
  6. My whole class visited the National Art Museum. (Who)
  7. Molly takes dance classes. (Who)
  8. Good results gave him hope for the future. (What)

Упражнение 4.

Поставите правильный «хвостик» в разделительном вопросе:

  1. She doesn’t like watching TV, _?
  2. Her brother is older that she, _?
  3. He doesn’t go to extra classes, _?
  4. You should tell your husband the truth, _?
  5. I was a good student, _?
  6. Dolphins are very kind animals, _?
  7. His performance was boring, _?
  8. She has read a very interesting book, _?

Дорогие, заходите ко мне в гости на YouTube — там я начала выкладывать очень полезные видео для изучающих английский язык — по грамматике и не только. Буду очень рада видеть вас среди своих подписчиков и буду еще больше рада делиться с вами своими знаниями. Прошу вас перейти на YouTube и поставить мне лайк ;-).

Упражнение 5.

Переведите предложения в форме альтернативного вопроса.

  1. Ты любишь смотреть футбол или баскетбол?
  2. Ты любишь смотреть фильмы или сериалы?
  3. Твой кот серый или черный?
  4. Ты чаще пишешь ручкой или карандашом?
  5. Ты сегодня работаешь дома или в офисе?
  6. Ты любишь больше печенье или шоколад?
  7. Она ходила в театр с Джеком или с Кайлом?

Упражнение 6.

Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

They spent all their money on that house, _?

She has lost the keys.

They moved to another country.

She left her parent’s house when she was 18, _?

They have a family breakfast once a month.

They have a plan of studying, _?

I am a hardworking employee, _?

Предлагаю также пройти небольшой онлайн тест по типам вопросов в английском языке.

Еще интересные упражнения:

А вы знаете, что на моем сайте (а именно, на этой страничке) можно подобрать репетитора?

  • из своего родного города или удаленного!
  • по английскому языку или другим направлениям!
  • для себя или своего ребенка!

Согласитесь, это здорово, когда есть выбор?


Упражнение 1.

  1. Is John busy today?
  2. Do you prefer watching TV before going to bed?
  3. Can you play volleyball very well?
  4. Is Spanish spoken in Latin America?
  5. Is she a very good teacher?
  6. Are her parents both doctors?
  7. Did Lane visit many countries?
  8. Could he drive last summer?

Упражнение 2.

  1. What are you keen on?
  2. How many hours does she work?
  3. What time will she meet me at the platform?
  4. Why weren’t you ready to go through the test?
  5. Who is a member of a school football team?
  6. How does your sister like to travel?
  7. Where can I look for information?
  8. When did they visit all Europe countries?

Упражнение 3.

  1. Who was drinking cold water?
  2. Who broke the window?
  3. Who hasn’t answered the questions yet?
  4. Who is your favorite singer?
  5. Who is going to Turkey next Saturday?
  6. Who visited the National Art Museum?
  7. Who takes dance classes?
  8. What gave him hope for the future?

Упражнение 4.

  1. Does she?
  2. Isn’t he?
  3. Does he?
  4. Shouldn’t you?
  5. Wasn’t I?
  6. Aren’t they?
  7. Wasn’t it?
  8. Hasn’t she?

Упражнение 5.

  1. Do you like watching football or basketball?
  2. Do you like watching movies or series?
  3. Is your cat grey or black?
  4. Do you usually write with a pen or a pencil?
  5. Are you working at home or at office today?
  6. Do you like biscuits or chocolate more?
  7. Did she go to the theater with Jack or Kyle?