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Тренировочные упражнения по грамматике Present Simple, Present Continuous


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Present Simple/ Present Continuous

Упр 1. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужном времени и в нужной форме. 1. It sometimes (snows/is snowing) here in April. 2. It (snows/is snowing) now. 3. Every morning mother (cooks/is cooking) breakfast for us. 4. It is 8 o’clock now. Mother (cooks/ is cooking) breakfast. 5. Every day father (leaves/is leaving) the house at half past eight. 6. Now it is half past eight. Father (leaves/is leaving) the house. 7. We often (watch/are watching) TV. 8. Now we (sit/ are sitting) in armchairs and (watch/are watching) TV. 9. Sometimes Mike (does/is doing) his lessons in the evening. 10. Look at Mike. He (does/is doing) his lessons. 11. It often (rains/is raining) in September. 12. It (rains/is raining) now. 13. Every day the family (has/is having) tea at 5 o’clock. 14. It is 5 o’clock now. The family (has/is having) tea.

Упр2. Выберите из скобок нужную форму. Объясните сделанный выбор. 1. Не often (go) to the cinema. 2. They (watch) TV at the moment. 3. She (write) letters to her mother every week. 4. Nina usually (drive) to work. 5. Father (sit) on the sofa now. 6. Listen. The telephone (ring). 7. Tim (study) a new language every year. 8. We always (spend) the summer in York. 9. In summer we usually (go) to the seaside. 10. Look at Tom. He (ride) a horse.

Упр 3. Заполните пропуски, используя don’t, doesn’t, isn’t, aren’t или am not. 1. We … watching a television programme now. 2. We … watch television every day. 3. It… raining very hard at the moment. 4. I … hear you well. 5. It… rain very much in summer. 6. Mr Johnson … eating his lunch now. 7. Mr Johnson … always eat at that cafe. 8. I… see any students in that room. 9. They … like milk for lunch. 10. He … have money for a new car.

Упр 4. Начните вопросы с do, does, is, are или am.

1. … you learn new words in each lesson?
2. … you learning the new words right now?
3. … she usually sit at the third desk?
4. … she sitting at the third desk today?
5. … you read many books every year?
6. … you reading an interesting book now?

Упр 5. Найдите ошибки и исправьте их. 1.We not going to school today. 2. What you doing after school? 3. At the moment Peter is work in Russia. 4. Does he got a new car? 5. He never wear a hat. 6. He don’t like black coffee. 7. We are have a good time. 8. What you doing now? 9. It rains at the moment. 10. How you like the game?

Упр 6. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Present Simple или Present Continuous.

1. He (to work) in the city centre.
2. I (to write) an essay now.
3. You (to go) to school on Sundays?
4. We (not to dance) every day.
5. They (to play) in the hall now?
6. Where he (to live)? – He (to live) in a village.
7. He (to sleep) now?
8. They (to read) many books.
9. The children (to eat) cakes now.
10. He (to help) his mother every day.
11. You (to play) the piano well?
12. Look! Michael (to dance) now.

Complete the sentences

A. 1. María __ (work) for a TV station.

2. At the moment she __ (travel) in the Sahara Desert.

3. Dan __ (love) wild animals.

4. He __ (not visit) Alaska at the moment.

5. Marta __ (not live) in Africa.

6. She __ (stay) in Africa at the moment.

7. Dad usually __ (cook) dinner.

8. My parents __ (go) to Italy every year.

9. My sister __ (walk) to school every day.

10. We __ (have) lunch now.

11. I never __ (stay in) on Saturday evening.

12. I __ (go) to the cinema now.

13. My mum __ (not work) today.

14. Peter __ (not like) rap music.

15. He __ (listen) to pop music at the moment.

16. Donna usually __ (go) shopping on Saturdays.

17. Let´s go out. It __ (not rain) now.

18. Hurry up! Everybody __ (wait) for you!

19. The sun __ (rise) in the east.

20. Water __ (boil) at 100 degrees.

21. The water __ (boil). Can you turn it off?

22. I must go now. It __ (get) late.

23. I usually __ (go) to work by car.

24. It __ (not rain) very much in the summer.

25. The moon __ (go) round the earth.

B. 1. Who is that man? What ___ he ___ (want)?

2. Who is that man? Why ___ he ___ (look) at us?

3. ___ you _____ (believe) in God?

4. Gilbert says he is 80, but nobody ___ (believe) him.

5. Every Monday Maite ___ (drive) her kids to football practice.

6. Be quiet. Arturo ___ (sleep).

7. Don´t forget to take your umbrella. It ___ (rain).

8. I don´t like living in England. It always ___ (rain).

9. Look!. It ___ (snow). We are going to have a white Christmas.

10. Maila ___ (watch) TV every morning.

11. I have to go now. It ___ (get) dark

12. Right now I ___ (spend) time with my father.

13.We usually ___ (go) to the gym on Mondays.

14. She ___ (talk) to Pete at the moment.

15. He ___ (look) good in jeans.

16. She ___ (wear) a dress today.

17. We ___ (drive) on the left in England.

18. I ___ (not want) to go to the Cinema.

19. We ___ (go) dancing every weekend.

20. I ___ (take) a pill every day.

21. He ___ (speak) Dutch and Italian.

22. We always ___ (stay) at the Village.

23. I ___ (need) to see the doctor.

24. Ray ___ (drink) very much coffee.

25. I ___ (not feel) very well.

C. 1. I __ (play) cricket right now.

2. I __ (play) cricket on Saturdays.

3. Silvia __ (cook) in the kitchen now.

4. Silvia __ (cook) for her father on Sundays.

5. Maila __ (like) Chinese food.

6. Keep silent, Manolo __ (read) a book.

7. Erik __ (love) María.

8. Ann __ (jog) in the park today.

9. George __ (want) to go outside.

10. Barbara __ (eat) chicken wings at the moment.

11. What __ you __ (do)? I´m sleeping.

12. How many languages __ you __ (speak)?

13. I __ (not like) politics.

14. What __ you __ (do) at the moment?

15. Where __ you __ (live)?

16. I __ (want) to be a millionaire.

17. Nacho __ (not wear) a tie today.

18. Jesus is in Amsterdam this week. He __ (stay) at the Hilton.

19. Look! Miguel __ (jump) into the water.

20. Lili is rich, she __ (drive) a Mercedes.

21. Once a week, I __ (go) to my yoga lessons.

22. I __ (think) you´re amazing.

23. Bea sometimes __ (read) comics.

24. We never __ (watch) TV in the morning.

25. Listen! Blanca __ (sing) in the bathroom.

D. 1. Look! The boys __ (come) home.

2. Every day Ayla __ (go) for a walk.

3. Sofía usually __ (help) in the kitchen.

4. Bob __ (make) breakfast now.

5. I __ (chat) with my sister at the moment.

6. It never __ (rain) in Valencia.

7. Don´t bother me now. I __ (work).

8. They ___ (swim) at the moment.

9. I ___ (play) chess with my friend.

10. Look! He __ (leave) the house.

11. Quiet please! I __ (write) a letter.

12. I __ (not do) anything at the moment.

13. __ he __ (watch) the news regularly.

14. I __ (work) as an accountant.

15. Eli __ (work) eight hours a day.

16. I __ (know) him very well.

17. My wife __ (have) coffee at the moment.

18. __ you __ (meet) your friend now?

19. Sandra __ (work) on her project at the moment.

20. __ Milie __ (work) in a restaurant?

21. He __ (wear) a T-shirt and shorts today.

22. Carlos __ (like) fruits and vegetables.

23. Cristina __ (have) long blond hair.

24. What´s that noise? Someone __ (play) the piano.


Упражнения на отработку времен Present Simple и Present Continuous (Progressive)

Предлагаю вам подборку упражнений на корректное использование времен Present Simple и Present Continuous (Progressive). Упражнения весьма разноплановые – от очень простых до более сложных – и предлагаются с ответами. Надеюсь, подборка окажется полезной.

Упражнение 1. Вставьте подходящие глаголы в форме Present Simple или Present Continuous.

It’s 7.30am. Suzanne Wells is in her kitchen at home. She (1) ________ breakfast. She (2) _______ breakfast at this time every morning. She (3) ___________ home at 8.30am every day and (4) __________ to work. Suzanne is a teacher. She (5) ___________at a school in Canberra.

It’s 10.00 am now and Suzanne is at school. At the moment she (6) ________her class of 8-year-old children. All the children in her class (7) ________ from Canberra. Many of the children (8) ______ English at home. So Suzanne (9) ______ a lot of time teaching English. She (10) _________English to the class now.

Упражнение 2. Постройте вопросы, используя времена Present Simple или Present Continuous. Дайте ответы.

1 you | often | wear | jeans?

2 you | wear | jeans now?

4 it | often | rain | in your country?

5 you | study | English every day?

6 you | study | English at the moment?

Упражнение 3. Используя информацию из предыдущего упражнения составьте шесть предложений о себе, используя Present Simple или Present Continuous.

Example: 1. I often wear jeans. or I don’t often wear jeans.

Упражнение 4. Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple

  1. I __________English exercises twice a week. (to write)
  2. My friend ________ his homework in the afternoon as a rule. (to do)
  3. My sister __________ her homework now. (to do)
  4. Don’t shout! The baby _________ . (to sleep)
  5. The baby always___________ after dinner. (to sleep)
  6. What_______ you _________ now? (to read)
  7. What books_______ you_______for your literature lessons? (to read)
  8. What _________your mother usually________ for lunch? (to cook)
  9. ________ she __________a cake now? (to cook)
  10. — _____________ (You, to see) that man over there? — Which man? The man in the brown jacket? — No, I___________ (to talk) about the man who __________(to wear) the blue shirt. — Oh, that man!— ____________ (You, to know) him? — No, I _____________( not to think) so. — I ___________(to know, not) him either.

Упражнениe 5. Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple

  1. My wife normally __________ (work) at home, but she __________ (spend) this month in Italy.
  2. Most days, Tom usually__________ (cycle) to work.
  3. When________ the lesson __________ (start) today?
  4. What’s your brother doing? He __________ (do) the crossword in the newspaper He __________ (do) it every day.
  5. I’m afraid I’ll lose this game of chess. I__________ (play) very badly. I usually ______much better (play).
  6. What’s she doing? — She __________ (mend) her husband’s socks. She always__________ them. (mend)
  7. Yes, you can borrow my dictionary. I __________ (use) it a lot, but I __________ (not / use) it now.
  8. We __________ (not travel) by train very often.
  9. She ______________ (be) particularly generous this week.
  10. It _____________ (snow) right now. It’s beautiful! I ____________ (like) this weather.

Упражнениe 6. Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple

  1. The river___________ (flow) very fast today — faster than usual.
  2. You ___________ (always to complain) that waiters are rude!
  3. I ___________ (walk) to school every day. I ___________ (take, not) the bus.
  4. You ___________ (always to borrow) money!
  5. That’s worrying because the number of people without job___________ (increase).
  6. Robert is a vegetarian. He ___________ (eat, not) meat.
  7. ___________ (you, cook) your own dinner every day?
  8. Holidays abroad ___________ (become) increasingly popular.
  9. Are you in a hurry? — No, I ___________ (walk) quickly because I’m cold.
  10. Where’s your father? — He ___________ (be) in the bathroom. He ___________ (shave).
  11. The neighbours forever___________ (slam) doors and___________ (shout) during the night.
  12. My sister ___________ (to take) part in the competitions almost every weekend.

1. is having, 2 has, 3 leaves, 4 drives, 5 teaches, 6 is teaching, 7 come, 8 don’t speak, 9 spends, 10 is teaching

1. write, 2 does, 3 is doing, 4 is sleeping, 5 sleeps, 6 are you reading, 7 do you read, 8 does…cook, 9 is she cooking, 10 do you see / am talking / is wearing /do you know / don’t think /don’t know

1. works /is spending, 2 cycles, 3 does the lesson start, 4 is doing /does, 5 am playing / play, 6 is mending/mends, 7 use /am not using, 8 don’t travel, 9 is being , 10 is snowing /like

1 is flowing, 2 are always complaining, 3 walk / don’t take, 4 are always borrowing, 5 is increasing, 6 doesn’t eat, 7 do you cook, 8 are becoming, 9 am walking, 10 is /is shaving, 11 are forever slamming and shouting, 12 takes

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44 Комментариев для «Упражнения на отработку времен Present Simple и Present Continuous (Progressive)»

Скажите,в 5 упражнении,а разве можно говорить being? глагол to be же не используется в длительных временах,или я упустила что-то,поясните,please.

Да, в данном контексте используется being. Глагол to be, как и глаголы have, smell, sound и пр. могут быть action и stative. Be в значении «быть» в continuous не употребляется, а be в значении «behave» — употребляется. Сравните:

Peter is difficult person to get on with. (His character is difficult)

Jane is being particularly generous this week. (She is behaving generously)

А 2 и 3 задание?Ответов нет.

там просто возможны варианты ответов во втором и полностью собственные ответы подразумеваются в третьем. Присылайте Ваш вариант в комментариях, я проверю


Упражнения «Сравнение времен Present Simple — Present Continuous» (с ответами)

1. Выберите из скобок глагол в правильной форме. Переведите предложения.

  1. He … (works/is working) for a big insurance company.
  2. Water always … (boils/is boiling) at 100 degrees.
  3. I … (wait/am waiting) for my doctor at the moment.
  4. Bob, stop! You … (eat/are eating) too fast.
  5. She … (has/is having) four brothers.
  6. Switch off the radio, please. You … (don’t listen/aren’t listening) to it.
  7. I know my bad habit: I often … (talk/am talking) too loudly.
  8. Look at the picture. An elegant lady … (rides/is riding) a horse.
  9. Give me some salt, please. I … (make/am making) seafood salad.
  10. Mary never … (speaks/is speaking) to strange people.

2. Используйте глагол в скобках в одном предложении дважды: в Present Simple и в Present Continuous.

Н-р: Tom usually … in the office but today he … at the exhibition. (work) – Tom usually works in the office but today he is working at the exhibition. (Обычно Том работает в офисе, но сегодня он работает на выставке.)

  1. I always … orange juice but now I … peach juice. (drink)
  2. She … a shower at the moment, though she usually … it in the morning. (take)
  3. Mum often … cherry-pies but this evening she … an apple-pie. (bake)
  4. As a rule we … to football matches but this Sunday we… to a hockey match. (go)
  5. Marta usually … jeans but today she … a dress. (wear)

3. Переведите на английский язык.

  1. Мои родители живут в Австралии.
  2. Ты любишь орехи?
  3. Ты постоянно занимаешь деньги!
  4. Я пользуюсь мобильным телефоном каждый день.
  5. Сегодня мы наряжаем новогоднюю елку.
  6. У Карла нет братьев.
  7. Почему ты смеешься?
  8. Джон говорит на трех языках.
  9. Сейчас не идет дождь.
  10. Мы не помним его адрес.

4. Выберите подходящий по смыслу глагол и поставьте его в предложение в форме Present Simple или Present Continuous.

to stay — to eat – to play – to wash — to cry — to wait – to watch – to wear — to start – to ride

  1. Every Thursday they … fish.
  2. Hurry up! The kids … for you.
  3. Ron is in Italy now. He … at a 5-star hotel.
  4. Normally Mike … work at 9 a.m.
  5. They … billiards at weekends.
  6. She … a bike right now.
  7. Little Nick is a quiet boy. He never … .
  8. Dad … TV news regularly.
  9. My sister … the floor in the kitchen at the moment.
  10. My wife … contact lenses every day.

Теория по теме:


  1. works (Он работает в большой страховой компании.)
  2. boils (Вода всегда закипает при 100 градусах.)
  3. am waiting (Я жду своего врача в данный момент.)
  4. are eating (Боб, остановись! Ты ешь слишком быстро.)
  5. has (У нее 4 брата.)
  6. aren’t listening (Выключи радио, пожалуйста. Ты его не слушаешь.)
  7. talk (Я знаю свою плохую привычку: я часто разговариваю слишком громко.)
  8. is riding (Посмотри на эту картину. Элегантная леди едет верхом на лошади.)
  9. am making (Дай мне соль, пожалуйста. Я готовлю салат с морепродуктами.)
  10. speaks (Мэри никогда не разговаривает с незнакомыми людьми.)
  1. drink – am drinking (Я всегда пью апельсиновый сок, но сейчас я пью персиковый.)
  2. is taking – takes (Она сейчас принимает душ, хотя обычно она принимает его утром.)
  3. bakes – is baking (Мама часто печет вишневый пирог, но этим вечером она печет яблочный.)
  4. go – are going (Как правило, мы ходим на футбольные матчи, но в это воскресенье мы идем на хоккейный матч.)
  5. wears – is wearing (Марта обычно носит джинсы, но сегодня она одета в платье.)
  1. My parents live in Australia.
  2. Do you like nuts?
  3. You are always borrowing money!
  4. I use my mobile phone every day.
  5. Today we are decorating a New Year tree.
  6. Carl doesn’t have brothers.
  7. Why are you laughing?
  8. John speaks 3 languages.
  9. It isn’t raining now.
  10. We don’t remember his address.
  1. eat (Каждый четверг они едят рыбу.)
  2. are waiting (Поторопись! Дети ждут тебя.)
  3. is staying (Рон сейчас в Италии. Он живет в 5-звездочном отеле.)
  4. starts (Обычно Майк начинает работу в 9 утра.)
  5. play (Они играют в бильярд по выходным.)
  6. is riding (Она едет на велосипеде сейчас.)
  7. cries (Маленький Ник – спокойный мальчик. Он никогда не плачет.)
  8. watches (Папа регулярно смотрит новости по ТВ.)
  9. is washing (Моя сестра в данный момент моет пол на кухне.)
  10. wears (Моя жена носит контактные линзы каждый день.)


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