present perfect past perfect and future perfect упражнения

Упражнения по теме «Времена группы Perfect»

Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect.

1. – You (see) the latest video game? – No. I not (see) it yet. I am not a gameaholic. 2. Sorry, I think I (lose) the file. You (see) it? – No, I not (see) it. 3. My computer (crash). May I use yours? 4. You’re late. The plane already (take off). 5. Hurrah! We (win) the match! We’re the champions now. 6. Your taxi just (arrive). 7. I’m afraid Fiona isn’t here. She (leave) the office. 8. – Hi, John. I not (see) you for ages! – Hi, Ted. I’m sorry that I not (be) in touch with you recently. I really (be) very busy all this time. 9. – You (finish) the report yet? – No, I (write) only half of it. 10. – You (speak) to your parents today? – I just (call) them. 11. – They (reply) to your email? – Yes, we just (get) a fax from them. 12. You (see) my mobile? I’m sure I (leave) it here. 13. They say that this bank (collapse) and many people (lose) their savings. 14. At last I (do) what I always (want) to do. 15. Look! It (stop) raining and the sun (come out). 16. Since October the dollar (fall) by 10 percent against the other mail currencies.

1. Has your new office furniture arrived ………. ? 2. I haven’t met our new secretary ………. .3. Have you ………. finished breakfast? 4. They haven’t got married ………., but they have ………. signed the contract. 5. The film festival hasn’t begun ………., but we have bought the tickets ………. . 6. It has ………. stopped raining. 7. Has it stopped snowing ………. ? 8. – I have ………. paid all my bills . – And I haven’t done it ………. . 9. – Have you seen the new movie ………. ? _Yes. We have ……….. seen it. 10. Has Michael left for work ………. ? 11. – I’m half an hour late ……….. – Don’t worry. 12. – I’ve ……….. had coffee, thank you. – But you haven’t tasted my apple pie ………. . 13. So, have you ………. got those faxes? 14. – Have you heard the latest new ………. ? – Yes, Dick has ………. told me about it. 15. – Has she spoken to you ………. ? – Yes, we’ve ………. discussed everything.

Упражнение 3. Употребите for или since.

1. Mrs. Honey has been a teacher ………. thirteen years. 2. My father has had this car ………. half a year. 3. We have known each other ………. . 2004. 4. I haven’t heard from her ……….. a long time. 5. They haven’t had news from home ……….. May. 6. The astronauts have been in space ……….. a year already. 7. She has had a toothache ………. ten years. 9. The tourists have been in Russia ……….. a week. 10. He has loved her ………. he first saw her. 11. She has been interested in Art ……….. she visited Paris. Dick has been able to count and read ………… he was three years old. 13. He hasn’t been anywhere ……….. he got into hospital. 14. I have known her ……….. my babyhood. 15. He has been in this business ……….. he came back from the Army. 16. He has owned this firm ……….. ten years.

Упражнение 4. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Perfect.

1.It was warm and sunny. Spring (come) at last! 2. It snowed yesterday just as the weatherman (promise). 3. Nobody lived in the village. Tsunami (destroy) it. 4. He bought a video camera yesterday. He (dream) of it for so long. 5. The child felt much better now. The doctor (give) it some medicine. 6. Her name was Apple. Her parents (call) her so. 7. They realized that times (change). 8. He couldn’t believe that he (achieve) everything, that he (make) a good career. 9. He (live) in Samara before he came to St. Petersburg. 10. By the time the children returned home from school, Mother (cook) dinner. 11. He was upset. He (lost) his mobile phone again. 12. She couldn’t believe that he (forget) to congratulate her on her birthday. 13. The composer sang the song which he (write) many years before. 14. He was going to tell the detective some facts which he never (tell) anyone. 15. They were discussing the information they (manage) to get.

Упражнение 5. Дополните следующие предложения согласно образцу. Используйте данные в скобках слова.

Did your parents gо to the country with you last weekend? (the weekend before)

No, they didn’t. They had gone there the weekend before.

1.Did your mother take a day off last week? (the week before). 2. Did the children go skiing on Sunday? (the Sunday before) 3. Did Martin eat at a restaurant yesterday evening? (the eve­ning before) 4. Did your pupils see a movie last Saturday night? (the night before) 5. Did you and your friends have a picnic last Sunday? (the Sunday before) 6. Did Helen have a birthday party last night? (the night before) 7. Did they have their last exam yesterday? (the day before) 8. Did he fly to the Bahamas last weekend? (the weekend before) 9. Did you go shopping last Saturday? (the day before) 10. Did your relatives visit you on Sunday? (the Sunday before) 11. Did your workmates discuss politics at the office on Friday? (the day before) 12. Did he put his car in the garage last night? (the night before).

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Упражнение 6. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Future Perfect.

1. Next year is Fred and Kate’s 10-th wedding anniversary. They (be) happily married for ten years. 2. The train (to leave) by the time the couple get to the station. 3. I (finish) my chemistry homework before Jillian comes home. 4. This test is so difficult, that I (not/complete) it in a day’s time.5. I won’t see Molly on the 1st of August since I (go) to the South by that time. 6 Before Lisa arrives, I (cook) dinner. 7. The commission (come) to a definite decision by the end of the day. 8. By the time I get up tomorrow morning, the sun already (rise).9. By the end of this year he (save) enough money. 10. They (make) a decision by next Friday. 11. I (pass) my driving test by the end of next month. 12. By the time we get to the airport, his plane (arrive). 13. I hope they (repair) this road by the time we come back next summer.

Упражнение 7. Ответьте, используя Future Perfect Tense и слова в скобках.

Example: Will Jill be busy at 6pm? (finish essay) Oh, no, Jilly will have finished her essay by that time.

1. Will the couple be at their hotel on Monday? (move to the old beach house)

2. Will the committee be discussing the project at 2 o’clock? (make a decision)

3. Will the pupils be writing their test at ten? (finish)

4. Will Mike’s niece still be a pupil next autumn? (finish school)

5. Will Greg still remember Molly in ten years? (forget)

6. Will Greg be at home on Tuesday? (leave for China)

Упражнение 8. Преобразуйте утвердительные предложения в отрицательные, обращая внимание на форму глагола-сказуемого.

1. He has bought a new bike.

2. I’ve sent a letter to my friend.

3. She has made a very bad mistake.

4. The children have gone to bed.

5. We’ve met our business partners.

6. They have cleaned their rooms.

7. The tourists have visited the National Gallery.

8. The teacher has checked our tests.

9. Harry has broken his car.

10. Mary has seen this film.

11. The programmer had done the work by five o’clock yesterday.

12. She was sure she had met him before.

13. She was late for the lecture as she had overslept.

14. The students had finished writing the test when the class was over.

15. She could go to England as she had received a visa.

16. They will have finished the plans by then.

17. Before his holiday Tom will have spent all his money.

18. I will have cooked dinner by then.

19. You will have learnt over half a thousand words when you finish this English book

20. Fernando will have had his operation by August.

Упражнение 9. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Perfect.

1. Thank you for everything that you (do) for us.

2. She was sorry for the things that she (do).

3. I (be) a Londoner for five and a half years by next September.

4. I’m afraid he (forget) that you are waiting for him.

5. He was afraid that she already (learn) the truth.

6. By next Tuesday Jill (finish) these novels by O’Henry.

7. You (have) dinner yet?

8. My friend complained that she (spend) all her money.

9. Molly thinks the film(to start) by the time she gets to Fred’s.

10. I not (see) my boss this week.

11. When he went out of the office, he saw that his car (disappear).

12. Johnny (translate) this document by 7pm o’clock this afternoon.

13. Where is Mr. Green? – He (go) to the bank.

14. The agent realized that he (make) a fatal mistake.

15. Helen (make) this awesome doll by her daughter’s birthday.

16. I not (look through) my favourite magazine yet.

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17. Margaret was a wonderful cook. Her mother (teach) her to do it.

18. Steven (not/learn) his lesson by tomorrow.

19. She already (make) different sandwiches for lunch. They are on the plates.

20. I looked out of the window and saw that the rain (stop) already.

Упражнение 10. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в страдательном залоге Present Perfect.

1. Are you going to the concert tomorrow? – No? I’m not. It (cancel) because of the weather.

2. Can I expect to get to England on time? – Sorry Madam? But all flights (delay).

3. Is your new house ready to move into? – No. The walls (not/paint) yet.

4. Did you receive my parcel? – No, it (not/deliver) yet.

5. Have they caught the bank robbers yet? — Unfortunately, no arrests (make).

6. Can I take the documents? — I’m afraid not. They (not/type) yet.

7. Mary is happy. She (offer) a good job.

8. You (send) an invitation to the wedding? – No.

9. Fred is pleased. He (pay) five hundred dollars.

10. Don’t water the plants. They just (water).

Упражнение 11. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в страдательном залоге Past Perfect.

1. The librarian said that the books (return) to the library some days ago.

2. We didn’t go to the party because we (not invite).

3. There were no tickets left. They all (sell).

4. The computer job was no longer available. A new computer programmer already(hire).

5. Yesterday we went to look for an apartment. But by the time we got there it already (rent).

6. Our suitcases (pack) when the taxi arrived.

7. The song (record) by June.

8. When the director came the documents (check).

9. The problem (solve) by his arrival.

10. By the evening the documents (sign).

Упражнение 12. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в страдательном залоге Future Perfect.

1. Will there be any prizes? – Yes. Medals (give) to the winners.

2. The documents (type) by the type you return.

3. By this time tomorrow the announcement (make).

4. Promotion (receive) by December.

5. The house (clean) by the time her relatives come home.

6. The course (take) online.

7. Their English (improve) by the end of this term.

8. The windows (wash) by Sunday.

9. The mail (deliver) by noon.

10. The prices (determine).

Упражнение 13. Переделайте из действительного залога в страдательный.

1. I have already taken the books back to the library.

2. I had worn blue shoes.

3. We will have listened to the lecture for 3 hours.

4. She has just posted those letters.

5. Joe had cleaned the tables.

6. We will have ridden the horse for half an hour.

7. The teacher has already checked my test.

8. She had not noticed me.

9. By this time tomorrow, we will have had our injections.

10. He has lost the key.

11. They had started a fight.

12. She will have bought this house.

13. We have opened all the windows.

14. I had read an article.

15. She will have typed all the postcards.

16. I have bought bread on the way home.

17. I had not closed the window.

18. We will have watched the film.

19. I have done this exercise.

20. They had not bought the paper.

Упражнение 14. Раскройте скобки, используя действительный или страдательный залог времени Perfect.

1. Peter (to break) just the window.

2. Mary looked at the clock and realized that it (stop).

3. By our next anniversary we (marry) for 30 years.

4. The exercise (to write) already.

5. That night she was very beautiful. She never (be) so lovely before.

6. By the end of next year I (work) for him for 10 years.

7. The text (to translate) just by Victor.

8. The children went for a walk only after they (do) their homework.

9. I (finish) dinner by 8 o’clock.

10. The teacher just (to explain) the new rule.

11. He explained that he not (decide) yet what University to enter.

12. More than 3.000 students (teach) by our professor by the end of this term.

13. We (to learn) the Passive Voice already.

14. There was nobody at the office. Everybody (go) out for lunch.

15. By the time he retires he (save) 20.000£.

16. A new school (to build) in this street recently.

17. Nobody could explain what really (happen).

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Упражнения с ответами «Present Perfect или Past Perfect»

Present Perfect или Past Perfect?

Задание 1. Внимательно прочитайте пары предложений и решите, в каком случае употребляется Present Perfect, а в каком – Past Perfect.

a) Look at this concert hall! They . it recently.
b) They . most of the cathedrals before others came to their land.

be married
a) By the time their first baby was born, my friends . for 5 years already.
b) I . never . .

a) Last week I was introduced to George. I . him before.
b) Michael is a cool guy. I . him for ages.

a) When my father was promoted to a senior position, he . at the factory for 20 years.
b) I . with her since my first day in this company.

a) Mary . just . the office.
b) By the time the bell rang, everyone . already . .

Задание 2. Поставьте глагол в скобках в правильном времени – Present Perfect или Past Perfect.

Mary and John are such a lovely couple. I . always . them. (like)

My aunt is in poor health. She . in hospital since Monday. (be)

Parents . to their children before the party, so they behaved quite well. (talk)

I didn’t introduce Katie and Ann to each other, they . already . before. (meet)

I am going to the library to return this book. I . it already. (read)

Задание 3. Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя Present Perfect или Past Perfect.

Его лицо было таким знакомым. Я точно видел его раньше.

Мы не видели Чарли с момента нашего последнего разговора.

Она уже была в отпуске в этом году.

Вчера, когда я им позвонил, они уже забронировали билеты.

Они никогда не были в этом ресторане. Давай пригласим их в это место!

Задание 4. Исправьте ошибки в употреблении времен. Правильные предложения отметьте словом «RIGHT».

This is not their first argument. They had argued before.

When I came back home, I realized that I had left my keys at work.

Your son has grown so much since last time I saw him.

I hadn’t visited this place since last time I was there.

Yesterday when I knocked on their door, nobody opened it. They have gone out already.

a) have built
b) had built

a) had been married
b) have never been married

a) hadn’t known
b) have known

a) had worked
b) have worked

a) has just left
b) had already left

His face was so familiar. I had definitely seen him before.

We haven’t seen Charlie since our last conversation.

She has already been on holiday this year.

Yesterday when I called them, they had already booked the tickets.

They have never been to this restaurant. Let’s invite them to this place!

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