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Подборка упражнений на тему «Present Perfect vs Past simple»

Упражнение 1. Complete the pairs of sentences. Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple in the other.

I (know) _______ her for six years.

I (know) _______ him when I was at school.

He (live) _______ in Paris from 1997 to 2000.

He (live) _______ in New York since 2001.

Where’s Pete? I (not see) _______ him for ages.

I (not see) _______ Pete last night.

We (be) _______ at primary school from 1993 to 1998.

We (be) _______ in this class since September.

I (not watch) _______ this video yet.

I (not watch) _______ a video at the weekend.

Упражнение 2. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.

1. I ________ (never/ be) to the USA. I ______ (want) to go there last summer but I couldn’t.

2. He _______ (live) in this street all his life.

3. His father ________ (come back) to London last Sunday.

4. Yan __________ (write) a letter to Nick two days ago.

5. He ________ (send) his letter yesterday.

6. They ________ (just/ buy) some postcards.

Упражнение 3. Fill in last night, ever, ago, just, yet, always in the right place.

1. Nick’s uncle went to Russia 3 years.

2. Mr. Rambler has come back from Belarus.

3. Nick has wanted to visit Belarus.

4. Mr. Rambler saw Yan.

5. They haven’t visited this old castle.

6. Have you been to England?

Упражнение 4. Choose the correct option.

She has /‘s had a moped since she was 15.

We took /‘ve taken a taxi to town that morning.

We played /’ve played volleyball last night

I’m really hungry. I didn’t eat / haven’t eaten since last night.

They visited/ ‘ve visited Colorado last summer.

Упражнение 5. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.

1. Maria (get) ______ some bad news last week. She (be) ______ sad since she (get) ______ the bad news.

2. I (start) ______ school when I was five years old. I (be) ______ at school since I (be) ______ five years old.

3. I (change) ______ my job three times this year.

4. I (change) ______ my job three times last year.

5. The weather was hot and dry for many weeks. But two days ago it (rain) ______.

6. Tom (break) ______ his leg five days ago. He’s in hospital. He (be) ______ in hospital since he (break) ______ his leg.

7. Are you going to finish your work before you go to bed? — I (finish) ______ it (already). I (finish) ______ my work two hours ago.

Упражнение 6. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.

1. I (have, just) ______ a nice pot of coffee. Would you like a cup?

2. I (see, not) ______ Steve this morning yet.

3. Carol and I are old friends. I (know) ______ her since I (be) ______ a freshman in high school.

4. Maria (have) ______ a lot of problems since she (come) ______ to this country.

5. I (go) ______ to Paris in 2003 and 2006.

6. A car came round the corner and I (jump) ______ out of the way.

7. Don’t throw the paper away because I (not to read) ______ it yet.

8. Is Jim going to eat lunch with us today? — No. He (eat) ______ (already).He (eat) ______ lunch an hour ago.

9. Since we (start) ______ doing this exercise, we (complete) ______ some sentences.

10. I (be) ______ never to Italy.

Упражнение 7. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.

1. You (ever work) ______ in a shop?

2. I (work) ______ at my uncle’s shop when I was younger.

3. It’s the first time I (be) ______ on a ship.

4. Ann is looking for her key. She can’t find it. She (lose) ______ her key.

5. How many symphonies Beethoven (compose) ______?

6. Look! Somebody (spill) ______ ink on the notebook.

7. You (have) ______ a holiday this year yet?

8. You (see) ______ any good films recently?

9. He (have, not) ______ any problems since he (come ) ______ here.

1. I (cut) ______ some flowers from my garden yesterday. I (cut) ______ lots of flowers from my garden so far this summer.

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2. I (not / see) ______ Tom lately.

3. The artist (draw) ______ a picture of sunset yesterday. She (draw) ______ many pictures of sunsets in her lifetime.

4. I (feed) ______ birds at the park yesterday. I (feed) ______ birds at the park every day since I (lose) ______ my job.

5. Ann (wake up) ______ late and (miss) _______ her breakfast on Monday.

6. I (forget) ______ to turn off the stove after dinner. I (forget) ______ to turn off the stove a lot of times in my lifetime.

7. The children (hide) ______ in the basement yesterday. They (hide) ______ in the basement often since they (discover) ______ a secret place there.

8. The baseball player (hit) ______ the ball out of the stadium yesterday. He (hit) ______ a lot of homeruns since he (join) ______ our team.

9. We first (meet) ______ in 2001. So we (know) _______ each other for 8 years.

Упражнение 9. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.

1. She (change) ______ a lot since she left school.

2. I (see) ______ this film and I don’t want to see it again.

3. Jazz (originate) ______ in the United States around 1900.

4. Tom Hanks (win) ______ an Oscar several times already.

5. Long ago, they (build) ______ most houses out of wood.

6. Scientists still (not/find) ______ a cure for cancer.

7. Sean (eat, never) ______ Chinese food before.

8. In my first job, I (be) ______ responsible for marketing.

9. The last job I (apply) ______ for required applicants to speak some Japanese.

10. The first modern Olympics (take) ______ place in Athens more than a hundred years ago.

11. I am writing in connection with the advertisement which (appear) ______ in December.

Упражнение 10. Complete the sentences. Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

My family and I (move) from London to Cardiff last summer, so we (live) in Cardiff for seven months now. I miss my friends in London. My best friend is called Megan. We (meet) at primary school, so I (know) her for nine years. Unfortunately, I (not see) her since last summer.

I go to Greystone Secondary School in Cardiff. I (be) at the school since last September. At first I (not like) it because I (not have) any friends here. But the students in my class are really nice and I’m happy here now.

Упражнение 11. Correct the mistakes in these sentences.

We lived here since 1997.

I’ve been ill since two days.

How long do you know him?

Susie has seen a good film last night.

We’ve finished our homework just.

I’ve already wrote three letters.

Упражнение 12. Complete the sentences. Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

Helen: That’s a nice tennis racket. Is it new?

Andy: No, (I/have) ________ it for about a year, but ( I/not play) _______ with it very much. ( I/buy) ________ it in Florida.

Helen: When ( you/go) ________ to America?

Andy: ( I/go) ________ there with my family in the spring.

Helen: What was it like?

Andy: Great! (I/stay) ___________ with my penfriend.

Helen: Is your penfriend American?

Andy: Yes. ( I/have) ________ an American penfriend for two years. (he/come) __________ to England last summer.

Helen: (I/not meet) _______ him.

And у : No, (you/be) ______ on holiday in Turkey.

Упражнение 13. Choose the correct form of the verb.

We went/ ‘ve been to the seaside last summer.

I finished / ‘ve finished my homework. Can I go out now?

I was /‘ve been ill three month ago.

Have you been / Did you to the shop? I need some stamps.

My hobby is fishing. I’ve caught / caught a lot of fish.

Jenny is in Oxford today, but she was /has been in London yesterday.

I played /’ve played basketball when I was younger, but l don’t play now.

I’ve already seen / already saw ‘Shrek’.

Julie has been / was ill since Tuesday.

I didn’t see / haven’t seen Josh since 1998.

We’ve stayed / stayed at our grandparents for three days. We arrived home yesterday.

The dog went / has gone to sleep an hour ago.

I had / ‘ve had a cat for two years. It’s name is Willis.

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I’ve waited / waited for a bus for twenty minutes. Then I decided to walk.


Упражнения на Past Simple и Present Perfect
тренажёр по английскому языку (6 класс)

Упражнения на отработку времен Past Simple и Present Perfect для учащихся 6-7 классов, изучающих английский язык как второй иностранный.


Вложение Размер
present_perfect_past_simple.docx 12.4 КБ

Предварительный просмотр:

Put the verb in Past Simple or Present Perfect.

  1. My friend is a writer. He …………………………… (write) many books.
  2. We ……………………………………… (not/have) a holiday last year.
  3. I ……………………………….. (play) tennis yesterday afternoon.
  4. What time …………………………… (you/go) to bed last night.
  5. …………………………………….. (you/ever/meet) a famous people.
  6. The weather ……………………………. (not/be) very good yesterday.
  7. My hair is wet (мокрый). I ………………………………. (just/wash) it.
  8. I ………………………………. (wash) my hair before breakfast this morning.
  9. Kathy travels a lot. She ……………………………. (visit) many countries.
  10. ‘Is Sonia here?’ – ‘No, she ……………………………. (not/come) yet.
  1. It (be) very cold yesterday.
  2. I (not see) him since 2006.
  3. The new school (begin) working last year.
  4. He (come) a moment ago.
  5. The (not yet come) from the south.
  6. When you (open) the window? – I (open) it ten minutes ago.
  7. I don’t think you ever (see) Niagara falls.
  8. Oh, how dark it is! A large black cloud (cover – закрыть) the sky.
  9. Look at my new dress! I (make) it myself (сама).
  10. You (read) all the books on this shelf (полка)?

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

В данной презентации предъявляется грамматический материал, необходимый для различения глагольно-временных форм Past Simple и Present Perfect. После чего учащимся предлагается выполнить упражнение для.

План-конспект урока на повторение, закрепление контроль усвоенных знаний по теме: «Сравнение времен Past Simple u Present Perfect» в виде игрового шоу. У.

Данное упражнение (в двух вариантах) может быть использовано для проверки знаний учащихся об употреблении времён Past Simple и Present Perfect и умении их различать.

Презентации к уроку английского языка по теме «Past Simple versus Present Perfect»:образованиеупотреблениеключевые слова (указатели времени/слова-маркеры).

в материале представлены упражнения для отработки употребления Past Simple and Present Perfect.

В данной работе представлены задания по закреплению материала по теме «Past simple and present perfect simple» по учебнику Spotlight 7.

Данные упражнения направлены на закрепление правила Past Simple vs Present Perfect.


Present Perfect VS Past Simple. Упражнения

В этом уроке мы рассмотрим Present Perfect Tense в сравнении с Past Tense и выполним упражнения на эти времена. Present Perfect и Past Simple очень легко перепутать, так как они переводятся на русский язык прошедшим временем глагола.
Формально отличие от Present Perfect (результат действия) от Past Simple (факт совершения действия) заключается в таблице (ниже):

Основные отличия Present Perfect VS Past Simple (таблица)

Приступаем к практике и выполним упражнения на сравнение Present Perfect и Past Simple.

Present Perfect VS Past Simple. Упражнения

Упражнение 1 (для начинающих). Раскройте скобки, чтобы получить Present Perfect или Past Simple.

  1. I … (do) this exercise before.
  2. I … (do) this exercise two minutes ago.
  3. We … (go) to school since the first form. .
  4. We … (go) to school yesterday.
  5. You … ( see) a horse last week.
  6. You … (never/ see) a horse.
  7. He … (just/say) that.
  8. He … (say) that a minute ago.
  9. They … (already/ have) breakfast.
  10. They … ( have) breakfast at 2 o’clock.

Упражнение 2 (для начинающих). Раскройте скобки, чтобы получить Present Perfect или Past Simple в отрицательной форме.

  1. I … (not/ do) this exercise before.
  2. I … (not/ do) this exercise yesterday.
  3. We … (not/ go) to school since the first form. .
  4. We … (not/ go) to school yesterday.
  5. You … ( not/ see) a horse last week.
  6. You … (never/ see) a horse.
  7. He … (not /say) that yet.
  8. He … (say) that a minute ago.
  9. They … (not/ have) breakfast yet.
  10. They … ( not/have) breakfast an hour ago.

Упражнение 3 (для начинающих). Раскройте скобки, чтобы получить Present Perfect или Past Simple в вопросительной форме.

  1. … you … (hear) this song before?
  2. … you … (hear) this song yesterday?
  3. … they … (go) to school since the first form?
  4. … they … (go) to school yesterday?
  5. … he … (ride) a horse last week?
  6. … he … (ever/ ride) a balloon?
  7. … she … (just/say) that?
  8. … she … (say) that a minute ago?
  9. … you … (draw) a picture at the last lesson?
  10. … you … (ever/ draw) a picture before?
  11. … they…. (yet/ have) breakfast?
  12. … they … (have) breakfast an hour ago?

Упражнение 4. Перепишите предложения, используя Present Perfect or the Past Simple.
ПРИМЕР. I am writing a letter to my cousin, (already, yesterday).

  • I have already written a letter to my cousin.
  • I wrote a letter to my cousin yesterday.

1. Mother is bringing our tea. (a few minutes ago; not yet)
2. The bell is ringing. (just; some minutes ago)
3. He is going to London in a few days. (already; last week)
4. The boys are playing football in the yard now. (yesterday; many times)
5. Anna is reading a new novel by Chekhov. (this month; last year)
6. The students are cleaning their classrooms. (already; last Saturday)
7. The teacher is explaining a new rule. (just, at the last lesson)
8. Ann is doing the flat. (just; on Friday)
9. They are discussing this plan again. (many times; a few days ago)
10. Granny is making a birthday cake. (just; yesterday)
11. The birds are flying to the South. (already; at the end of August)
12. The train is arriving at the station. (just; an hour ago)
13. Who is your friend speaking to? (yesterday, just)
14. We are writing out the words from the text. (already, at the last lesson)

Упражнение 5. Перепишите предложения, используя Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

1. This scientist … (write) a lot of books. He … (write) his first one in 2001.
2. … you … (ever see) a film as good as that?
3. I … (never travel) to the USA. What about you? When … (you go) there?
4. He … (live) in Manchester for eight years, and he wants to move to another place.
5. She … (live) in Manchester for two years, and then in 2003 she … (move) to London.
6. We … (meet) Jane and Alan two years ago. How long … (you know) them?

Упражнение 6. Найдите предложения с ошибками и исправьте их.

  1. Do you know about Sue? She has given up her job.
  2. My mother has grown up in Scotland.
  3. How many plays has Shakespeare written?
  4. Oh, I’ve cut my finger. It’s bleeding.
  5. The Chinese have invented paper.
  6. Where have you been born?
  7. Mary isn’t at home. She has gone shopping.

Упражнение 7. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в Present Perfect или Past Simple.

Упражнение 8. Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя Present Perfect или Past Simple.

1. Могу я видеть Джона? — Боюсь, что нет. Он уехал в Москву. -Когда он уехал? — Два дня назад.
2. Вы уже сделали это упражнение? — Нет, я перевела только 10 предложений.
3. Вы уже сдали все экзамены? — Нет, мы сдали только два. — Сколько экзаменов вы сдавали в прошлом году? — Пять.
4. Почему Аня такая грустная? — Она поссорилась с Ником. — Боже, сколько раз они ссорились в этом месяце? — Думаю, много раз.
5. Как вы провели зимние каникулы? — Очень хорошо. 31 декабря у нас была новогодняя вечеринка, мы танцевали, смотрели телевизор, а вечером пошли гулять. 2 января мы ездили за город.

Упражнение 9. Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя Present Perfect или Past Simple.

1. Где вы были вчера вечером? Я звонила вам несколько раз, но никто не ответил. — Я был у Тани (дома).

2. Что случилось? — Джон упал и сломал ногу. — Где он сейчас? — Скорая помощь отвезла его в больницу.

3. Вчера показывали что-нибудь интересное по телевизору? — Не знаю, я не смотрела. Я очень устала и рано легла спать.

4. Где Джон? — Он все еще в больнице. Он уже там две недели.

5. Вы в Лондоне находитесь уже неделю. Как он вам нравится? Что вы посмотрели?- Мы были в Тауэре, на Трафальгарской площади, в Национальной галерее. — О, вы уже видели много интересного.

6. Они поженились два года назад. C тех пор очень счастливы.

7. Я принес тебе цветы. Где голубая ваза? — К сожалению, Миша разбил ее. -Неужели? Когда? — В воскресенье он помогал мне убирать квартиру и случайно разбил ее.


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