past simple passive или present perfect passive упражнения

Past Simple Passive Exercises with answers. Упражнения на пассивный залог

Предлагаю Вам выполнить следующие упражнения на Passive Voice. Сегодня мы отработаем простое прошедшее время в пассивном залоге. Все упражнения предлагаются с ответами. По сложности упражнения на пассивный залог расположены от наиболее простых – к сложным.

Easy exercises on Past Simple Passive.

Упражнение 1. Fill in the verb in the Past Active or Passive Voice.

  1. The Cape of Good Hope . (discovered / was discovered) by Bartolomeo Dias.
  2. The clown . (entertained / was entertained) the public.
  3. We . (arrived/ were arrived) at the camp in time.
  4. Many experiments . (did/ were done) under water.
  5. Many people . (invited / were invited) to the festival.
  6. They . (discussed / were discussed) many exciting things.
  7. I . (learnt / was learnt) many interesting things in this unit.
  8. What artist . (painted / was painted) this picture?

Past Simple Passive Voice. Exercises Level Pre-Intermediate.

Упражнение 2. Read the text. Put the verbs in brackets in Past Simple Passive. Guess the famous object.

This old building is in one of the countries of Europe. It’s not a natural object. It 1_______ (to make) by man a long time ago. Now it 2____________ (to see) as a tourist attraction. It’s a famous old building. It 3__________ (not to build) by the Romans. Galileo, the famous scientist, dropped heavy objects from this building to make his experiments. The upper floor 4 ___________ (to complete) in 1319. It 5_________ (to build) by Tommaso Pisano. The largest bell of the building 6 ____________ (to install) in 1655. The bell-chamber 7___________ (to add) in 1372.

Упражнение 3. Write down the historical facts. Use the dates from the box. Follow the example.

1067, 1870, 1607, 776 BC, 860, 1703, 1850

Example: Minsk (to found) — Minsk was founded in 1067.

  1. Minsk (to found).
  2. Ancient Troy (to find) by German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann.
  3. The first English settlement (to found) in Virginia.
  4. The first Olympic Games (to hold) in Greece.
  5. Swedish Vikings (to invite) to rule Russia.
  6. St. Petersburg (to found) by Peter the Great.
  7. The first jeans (to make) by Oscar Levi Strauss

Упражнение 4. Write sentences. Use the past simple passive.

my laptop / steal / last week.

the men / arrest / by the police

the painting / sell / for £500

the goal / score / by Raul

these cars / make / by robots

Past Simple Passive Voice. Exercises Level Intermediate.

Упражнение 5. Write the sentences in the Passive Voice.

Olga sent me a postcard. (2)

— I was sent a postcard.

— A postcard was sent to me by Olga.

  1. I told him you were here.
  2. A boy showed me the way. (2)
  3. The waves carried the boat away.
  4. The Great Fire of London burnt many houses.
  5. The teachers told us something interesting.(2)
  6. Every morning I gave milk to my cat. (2)
  7. They sent us to clean the yard.
  8. They advised him to be more patient.

Упражнение 6. Rewrite the sentences in the passive form if possible. Use the example.

The Celts settled in Wales in 500 BC.

Wales was settled by the Celts in 500 .

  1. The Celts settled in Wales in 500 BC.
  2. The ancient Greeks built the Acropolis.
  3. A group of archaeologists found a dinosaur’s skeleton.
  4. I visited Rome in 2002.
  5. The aboriginals of Hawaii killed James Cook in 1779.
  6. Ford made his first car in 1896.
  7. Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice in Wonderland” in 1865.

Упражнение 7. Change the active sentences into passive sentences.

  1. They played the match in the evening.
  2. They calculated the answers very quickly.
  3. They filmed the movie in black and white.
  4. They sent the e-mail yesterday.
  5. They built our house ten years ago.
  6. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.
  7. The shopkeeper opened the shop at nine o’clock.

Ответы к упражнениям. Answers to the exercises.

1 was discovered, 2 entertained, 3 arrived, 4 were done, 5 were invited, 6 discussed, 7 learnt, 8 painted

1 was made, 2 is seen, 3 wasn’t built, 4 was completed, 5 was built, 6 was installed, 7 was added

This is Piza Tower — Italy.

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1 Minsk was founded in 1067. 2. Ancient Troy was found by German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1870. 3. The first English settlement was founded in Virginia in 1607. 4. The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 BC. 5. Swedish Vikings were invited to rule Russia in 860. 6. St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in 1703. 7. The first jeans were made by Oscar Levi Strauss in the USA in 1850.

  1. My laptop was stolen last week.
  2. The men were arrested by the police.
  3. The painting was sold for £500.
  4. The goal was scored by Raul.
  5. These cars were made by robots.
  1. Не was told that you were here.
  2. I was shown the way by the boy./ The way was shown to me by the boy.
  3. The boat was carried away by the waves.
  4. Many houses were burnt by The Great Fire of London.
  5. We were told something interesting by the teachers. / Something interesting was told to us by the teachers.
  6. My cat was given milk every morning. / Milk was given to my cat every morning
  7. We were sent to clean the yard.
  8. Не was advised to be more patient.

Ответы 1. Wales was settled by the Celts in 500 BC. 2. The Acropolis was built by the ancient Greeks. 3. A dinosaur’s skeleton was found by a group of archaeologists. 5. James Cook was killed by the aboriginals of Hawaii. 7. “Alice in Wonderland” was written by Lewis Carroll in 1865.

  1. The match was played in the evening.
  2. The answers were calculated very quickly.
  3. The movie was filmed in black and white.
  4. The e-mail was sent yesterday.
  5. Our house was built ten years ago.
  6. Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming.
  7. The shop was opened by the shopkeeper at nine o’clock.

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Упражнения простые, но весьма познавательные, узнал массу исторических сведений,Катрин весьма образованная девушка, редкость по нашим временам.


Present Perfect Passive Exercises

Упражнения на пассивный залог во времени Present Perfect. Exercises with answers. Полезные разноплановые упражнения на страдательный залог помогут Вам разобраться в данной теме.

Упражнение 1. Read the texts and find the sentences with Present Perfect Active and Present Perfect Passive tense forms. Translate them into your language.

Nina has lived in Sydney for two years. She has done a lot of things in Sydney. She has seen several plays, she has gone to the picture galleries and museums. She has visited the circus as well, and she has taken a tour to the Islands on Port Jackson. However, there are a lot of planned things she hasn’t done yet. She hasn’t gone to the Australian Reptile Park yet. Nina hasn’t been to some other parks yet.

The boss is angry with his secretary today because important letters haven’t been typed yet. Tea has been given to him cold. Wrong telephone numbers have been written down. The mail hasn’t been sent in time. A lot of time has been spent over the telephone.

Упражнение 2. Change the sentences with Present Perfect Active into Present Perfect Passive.

I have already finished my work. My work .

— My work has already been finished.

  1. I have already taken the books back to the library. The books .
  2. She has just posted those letters. Those letters .
  3. The teacher has already checked my test. My test . —
  4. He has lost the key. The key .
  5. We have opened all the windows. All the windows . ‘
  6. I have bought bread on the way home. Bread .
  7. I have done this exercise. This exercise .

Упражнение 3. Imagine that your classroom and the school yard have been thoroughly cleaned. Say what has been done by whom.

— The windows have been washed by the girls.

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  1. The desks . (to wash)
  2. The flowers . (to water)
  3. The floor . (to mop)
  4. The furniture . (to dust)
  5. The grass . (to cut)
  6. The trees . (to cut)

Упражнение 4. Answer the questions about your English lesson using Present Perfect Passive.

  1. Have you been asked to read a text?
  2. Has the text been translated?
  3. Have the new words been written down?
  4. Have the exercises been done by all the pupils?
  5. Has your friend been asked to recite something?
  6. Has large homework been given?
  7. Who has been given good (bad) marks?
  8. Have you been praised by the teacher?

Упражнение 5. Use Present Perfect Active or Passive of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences.

  1. Peter . (to break) the window.
  2. The exercise . (to write) already.
  3. The text . (to translate) by Victor.
  4. The teacher just . (to explain) the new rule.
  5. We (to learn) the Passive Voice already.
  6. A new school . (to build) in this street.

Упражнение 6. Translate into English using Present Perfect Active or Passive.

  1. Я только что купил газету
  2. Телевизор только что выключили.
  3. Он уже ответил на вопрос
  4. Слова только что написали на доске
  5. Мы уже говорили об этом
  6. Все ответы уже даны.
  7. Об этом только что сказали по радио.
  8. Я уже смотрел этот фильм
  9. Мне ничего об этом не говорили
  10. Все предложения уже написаны.


All the sentences in text A are in Present Perfect Active.

All the sentences in text B are in Present Perfect Passive.

  1. The books have been already taken back to the library by me.
  2. Those letters have just been posted by her.
  3. My test has already been checked by the teacher.
  4. The key has been lost by him.
  5. All the windows have been opened by us.
  6. Bread has been bought by me on the way home.
  7. This exercise has been done by me.
  1. The desks have been washed by the pupils.
  2. The flowers have been watered by Molly.
  3. The floor has been mopped by the cleaners.
  4. The furniture has been dusted by the boys.
  5. The grass has been cut by the caretaker.
  6. The trees have been cut by the workmen.

Упражнение 4. Your own answers.

1 has broken, 2 has been already written, 3 has been translated, 4 has just explained, 5 have learnt, 6 has been built

  1. I have just bought the newspaper.
  2. The TV-set has just been switched off.
  3. Не has already answered this question.
  4. The words have just been written on the blackboard.
  5. We’ve already spoken about it.
  6. All the answers have already been given.
  7. This has been just said over the radio.
  8. I’ve already watched this film.
  9. I haven’t been told anything about it.
  10. All the sentences have already been written.

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Очень интересные задания. Спасибо. И самое главное — разнообразные.

Пожалуйста, я рада, что Вам понравилось.

Очень хорошие упражнения

а почему в 3 — м упражнении тут используется have :The windows have been washed by the girls.

а тут has: The furniture has been to dusted by the boys.

Потомучто Окно-это оно it -> has

а окна это они — they -> have

Поясните пожалуйста, почему в 3 задании в 4,5 предложениях добавляется «to».

5. 5. have already leart

Очень интересно. Но хотелось бы по сложнее чуть чтобы соответствовало уровню 11 класса! А так тест прекрасный!


Упражнения на пассивный залог в английском языке с ответами и переводом

Пройдите упражнения на пассивный залог в английском языке (страдательный залог), чтобы лучше закрепить эту тему. Другие материалы по теме:

Упражнение 1. Времена Simple в пассивном залоге

Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в одну из трех форм: Present Simple Passive, Past Simple Passive, Future Simple Passive. Обращайте внимание на перевод, чтобы понять, какое время имеется в виду.

1. The coin was found under the bed. – Монетка была найдена под кроватью.

Кстати, а вы уже скачали таблицы времен и словари?

  • Словарь 500 – учебный словарь для начинающих
  • Словарь 3000 – подборка из 3000 употребительных слов по частям речи и темам
  • Все времена глагола в таблицах – полезный справочник-шпаргалка по грамматике
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2. Some mistakes cannot be forgiven. – Некоторые ошибки нельзя простить.

3. When was your passport lost? – Когда был потерян ваш паспорт?

4. The ship is abandoned by everyone. – Корабль был всеми покинут.

5. Your words will not be forgotten. – Ваши слова не будут забыты.

6. The airport was built in 1997. – Аэропорт был построен в 1997 году.

7. I am invited to the party. – Я приглашен на вечеринку.

8. Is the parcel delivered? – Посылка доставлена?

Упражнение 2. Времена Continuous в пассивном залоге

Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в одну из форм: Continuous Passive. Обращайте внимание на перевод, чтобы понять, какое время имеется в виду.

1. I am being watched! – За мной следят!

2. My cat is being groomed now. – Моей кошке сейчас делают стрижку.

3. The newspaper is being printed. – Газету печатают.

4. Your money transfer is being processed. Please, wait. – Ваш денежный перевод обрабатывается. Пожалуйста, ожидайте.

5. I think, I was being followed when I was driving home. – Думаю, за мной следили (меня преследовали), когда я ехал домой.

6. The building was being inspected by the firemen, so we decided not to go there. – Здание проверяли пожарные, так что мы решили туда не идти.

7. Your stuff is being packed by the movers right now. – Твои вещи упаковывают грузчики прямо сейчас.

Упражнение 3. Времена Pefrect в пассивном залоге

Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в одну из форм: Perfect Passive. Обращайте внимание на перевод, чтобы понять, какое время имеется в виду.

1. The program (to install) has been installed. – Программа установлена.

2. The door (to fix) had been fixed by the time we came back. – Дверь была отремонтирована к тому времени, как мы вернулись.

3. Don’t worry. The boy (to find) has been found. – Не беспокойтесь. Мальчика нашли.

4. The cargo (to deliver) has not been delivered yet. – Груз все еще не доставлен.

5. I (to search) had been searched before I entered the building. – Меня обыскали перед тем, как я зашел в здание.

6. Sorry, but the article you gave me (to publish) had been published. – Простите, но статья, которую вы мне дали, (уже) была опубликована.

Упражнение 4. Все времена в пассивном залоге.

Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в одну из форм пассивного залога. Обращайте внимание на контекст и перевод, чтобы понять, какая видовременная форма имеется в виду.

1. The island (to discover) was discovered in 1878. – Остров был открыт в 1878 году.

2. My car (to wash) is being washed right now. – Мою машину сейчас моют.

3. This problem (to solve) will be solved someday. – Эту задачу когда-нибудь решат.

4. The contract that was given to me (to sign) had been signed by the branch manager. – Договор, который мне дали, был (уже) подписан управляющим филиала.

5. Your statement can (to question) be questioned. – Ваше заявление может быть подвергнуто сомнению.

6. Someone (to interview) was being interviewed next door, when we were trying to work. They were speaking very loudly. – С кем-то проводили собеседование в соседнем помещении, когда мы пытались работать. Они говорили очень громко.

7. The dog (to leave) was left in the car by its owner about an hour ago. – Собака была оставлена в машине ее владельцем около часа назад.

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Сергей Ним, я автор этого сайта, а также книг, курсов, видеоуроков по английскому языку.

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