much many little a little few a few правило упражнения для 6 класса

Few, a few, little, a little – упражнения на употребление в английском языке

Предлагаю вам подборку несложных упражнений на отработку правил употребления few и a few / little и a little в английском языке. Ко всем упражнениям есть ответы в конце статьи.

Если вам нужно повторить правило – сделать это можно здесь.

Если же необходимо просто освежить в памяти – воспользуйтесь этой инфографикой.

Также в конце статьи вы найдете 2 небольших теста по 10 вопросов в каждом на проверку темы few, a few, little, a little.

Упражнения (Exercises) на употребление few, a few, little, a little

Упражнение 1. Укажите правильный вариант – few или a few.

  1. A few/few people swim in the sea in the winter.
  2. He went out a few/few minutes ago.
  3. Can I speak to you for a few/few minutes?
  4. There were a few/few guests at the party. The hosts were unhappy.
  5. I’m going shopping. I need to buy a few/few things for tonight’s party.

Упражнение 2. Укажите правильный вариант – little или a little.

  1. I need a little/little Can you lend me some?
  2. I can’t wait for you. I’ve got a little/little
  3. You have a little/little time to finish the test. You must write faster.
  4. I have a little/little free time for hobbies because I work a lot.
  5. You don’t have to hurry. There is alittle/little traffic at this time of the day.
  6. There is a little/little snow on the ground. The children can’t make a snowman.

Упражнение 3. Вставьте few или a few

  1. Susan has ________ friends. She doesn’t feel lonely.
  2. You have _________ mistakes in the test. Correct them!
  3. There are ________ puddles on the road. Let’s put on rubber boots.
  4. _______ apples are enough for me not to feel hungry.
  5. We will come back in __________ days.
  6. The weather was bad, but ________people came.
  7. I really need to see him. I’ve got …………… questions to ask him.

Упражнение 4. Вставьте little или a little.

  1. There is ________ bread in the cupboard. It’s enough for dinner.
  2. The bottle was not empty. ________ water was left.
  3. Would you like _________ water?
  4. There is still _________ bread left.
  5. Can I have _________ milk in my coffee? I like white.
  6. There is still _________ work to do.

Упражнение 5. Вставьте a few or a little.

  1. There are only _________ biscuits left.
  2. There is ________ traffic here.
  3. It’s winter, but we still have ________ flowers in the garden.
  4. There were _________ taxis in front of the station.
  5. Can I have_________ pepper, please?
  6. She can give us_______ help.
  7. Put ______ salt and mix the ingredients.
  8. There are ______ bottles on the table.

Упражнение 6. Выберите правильный вариант ответа в тестовом задании.

  1. I eat _______ meat. I prefer fish. (A – very few / B – a few / C — very little)
  2. There are ________apples on the plate. Take one (A – a few / B – a lot / C — a little)
  3. There is ______ milk in the fridge. Can you buy some? (A – a few / B – a little / C — little)
  4. Very _______ pupils in our class can do such difficult sums. (A – few / B – a few / C — little)
  5. There is _______ furniture in the house; it’s almost empty. (A – a few / B – a little / C — little)

Упражнение 7. Вставьте few, a few, little, a little.

  1. Would you like some beer? Just_______ please.
  2. If you want to make pancakes, you need _______ eggs and _______ flour.
  3. Would you like _______ more rice?
  4. I bought _______ newspapers.
  5. I’d like to drink _______ coffee.
  6. This boy isn’t very popular at school. He’s got very _______ friends

Проверочные тесты на тему few и a few / little и a little (2 варианта).

Вариант 1. Вставьте few, a few, little, a little.

  1. There are______ hotels in this town. There is almost nowhere to stay for the tourists.
  2. Have you got ______ minutes? I need to talk to you.
  3. Could you buy ______ bottles of water for me?
  4. We had ______ snow last winter. We made snowmen.
  5. We have______ tomatoes, we can’t cook tomato-soup.
  6. The professor spends ______ time in company. He likes to be alone.
  7. They have ______ furniture in the room. The room is almost empty.
  8. I want to eat ______ I’m hungry.
  9. We saw ______ people at the restaurant because the prices there were very high.
  10. This is a modern town. There are only ______ old buildings.
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Вариант 2. Вставьте few, a few, little, a little.

  1. My parents give me ______ pocket money every week, so I can buy everything I need.
  2. All we need is ______
  3. ______ animals can survive in the desert.
  4. Could we have ______ champagne, please?
  5. They’ve already been to Spain for ______ days.
  6. At home, the kitchen was a pleasant place. There were always ______ flowers in pots.
  7. ‘How’s your father ?’ ‘ ______ better, thanks.’
  8. ‘Sandra is fluent in Italian, French and Spanish.’ ‘It’s quite rare, ______ people can speak several foreign languages.’
  9. Can you please buy _______ apples.
  10. I only need ______ minutes to get ready.

Ответы к упражнениям и тестовым заданиям.

Exercise 1. 1 – few, 2 — a few, 3 — a few, 4 — few, 5 — a few

Exercise 2. 1 – a little, 2 – little, 3 – little, 4 – little, 5 – little, 6 — little

Exercise 3. 1 – a few, 2 – a few, 3 – a few, 4 – a few, 5 – a few, 6 – a few, 7 – a few

Exercise 4. 1 – a little, 2 – a little, 3 – a little, 4 a little, 5 – a little, 6 – a little

Exercise 5. 1 – a few, 2 – a little, 3 – a few, 4 – a few, 5 – a little, 6 – a little, 7 – a little, 8 – a few

Exercise 6. 1 – c, 2 – a, 3 – с, 4 – a, 5 — c

Exercise 7. 1 – a little, 2 – a few / a little, 3 – a little, 4 a few, 5 a little, 6 few

Ответы к тесту

Вариант 1

1 – few, 2 a few, 3 a few, 4 a little, 5 few, 6 little, 7 little, 8 a little, 9 few, 10 a few

Вариант 2

1 – a little, 2 – a little, 3 few, 4 a little, 5 a few, 6 a few, 7 a little, 8 few, 9 a few, 10 – a few

Вот и все. Надеюсь, вам понравились эти упражнения на употребления few и a few / little и a little в английском языке.

Понравилось? Сохраните на будущее и поделитесь с друзьями!

6 Комментариев для «Few, a few, little, a little – упражнения на употребление в английском языке»

Зачем вы в упражнении 3 и 4 запихнули только единственный вариант ответа? Это абсолютно не логично.

Ну вот чтобы вы засомневались.

Здравствуйте, в 5-м упражнении в первом предложении «There are only _________ biscuits left.» должно стоять «few». Т.к. few — это мало, недостаточно. А в предложении есть слово «only», у нас осталось только чуть-чуть печенок, недостаточно.

Добрый день. Верный ответ a few — только несколько, а не только мало (так будет звучать ваш вариант с few)

В варианте 2 теста (самое последнее упражнение),в 5) They’ve already been to Spain for ______ ,у Вас дан ответ a few. Это будет верным,если в конце добавить слово days. В таком виде- a little


Указатели количества many, much, (a) few, (a) little. Упражнения для продолжающих (уровень 3)

Здравствуйте! Я надеюсь, вы помните, как использовать местоимения much, many, few, little , a few, a little с английскими существительными. В этом уроке мы заканчиваем изучение этих указателей количества. Упражнения ниже помогут вам закрепить весь материал и разобраться, чем все-таки местоимения few, little отличаются от a few и a little.

Указатели количества Many, much, (a) few, (a) little . Упражнения для продолжающих (уровень 3)

Упражнение 1. Вставьте в пропуски many, much, few, little по смыслу.
I can rest today, I have few things to do. (мало)
I am very busy today, I have many things to do. (много)

  1. It was not a secret, very ________ people knew about it.
  2. I was a secret, very ________ people knew about it.
  3. She ate so ______ apple pie yesterday that she is never going to eat it again.
  4. They ate so _____ oranges that they had a stomachache.
  5. We can’t get into the taxi, we are too _________
  6. They were _____ and decided not to attack.
  7. My sister did a lot of shopping and spent ________ money.
  8. The old man was poor. He had ______ money to live on.
  9. I have so ________books to read that I don’t know what to start with.
  10. Nowadays he was very busy and he saw______of his old friends.
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Упражнение 2. Вставьте в пропуски (a) few, (a) little по смыслу.

1. She earns ________ money and can’t buy expensive clothes.
2. She has earned ______ money and can buy a handbag.
3. He had very _______information on the subject and could add nothing.
4. He had ______on the subject and could add some details.
5. The child has _____ friends and he sometimes feels lonely.
6. It is good if you have _____close friends.
7. They ate _____ food and were not hungry anymore.
8. They ate _____ food and they were still hungry.
9. _____ people like him because he was a bore! (зануда)
10. The woman was glad because ____ people came to help her in the garden.

Упражнение 3. Вставьте в пропуски much, little, a little в качестве наречия.

  1. I love him very _____.
  2. I speak English ______. (немного)
  3. She earns _______ and can go to the restaurants every week.
  4. She earns _______money, she can’t go to the restaurants.
  5. _______was spoken but nobody believed it. (никто)
  6. Say _________ (мало) but do _________(много).
  7. Don’t talk too ____, he is very tired and needs a rest.
  8. She slept _____ last night and had a bad headache.

Упражнение 4. Вставьте в пропуски much, many, (a) little, (a) few по смыслу.

  1. She ate so ______ fish yesterday that she is never going to eat fish again.
  2. He ate so ___________ prawns that he is never going to eat a prawn again.
  3. Could you give me _______ biscuits?
  4. I gave him __________words of advice.Last week there was so
  5. ________rain that I couldn’t go out.
  6. He knows _________ but the __________he knows he knows well.
  7. She has very __________knowledge of the matter.
  8. ________people heard about the book, but _________ people read it.
  9. I had __________ close friends here, so I feel very lonely.
  10. I am afraid he always thinks too ___________.

Упражнение 5. Вставьте в пропуски much, many, (a) little, (a) few по смыслу.

  1. There isn’t ________ harm in that.
  2. Give _______ milk to the kitten, please?
  3. _____ was said but there are still ______things I should like to add.
  4. Susan returned to the city at the moment when______were leaving it.
  5. I have so______things to do that I don’t know which to do first.
  6. I suggested that he should get______ wine and some bread.
  7. I began to miss London very _____
  8. The cat has eaten so______that it can’t move.
  9. ______was said (было сказано) but______ was done (было сделано).
  10. _____ heard about the book, but______read it.

Упражнение 6. Переведите на английский язык.

  1. В бутылке есть немного кока-колы.
  2. У нее мало одежды.
  3. Кто из них переводит много статей с русского на английский?
  4. Сколько иностранных языков вы собираетесь учить?
  5. Извините, у меня мало времени, и я не могу долго разговаривать с вами.
  6. Мы будем обедать через несколько минут. 9. В комнате много света. 10. Вы пригласили много гостей?
  7. Ты знаешь много французских слов?
  8. У вас много бумаги. Дайте мне немного, пожалуйста.

Упражнение 7. Переведите на английский язык.

  1. У нас сегодня было много посетителей.
  2. Он зарабатывал мало денег и не мог жить в большом городе.
  3. Мама дала мне много поручений (things to do), но я смог выполнить только несколько.
  4. Я прочел много книг по этому вопросу.
  5. Сейчас в школе мало детей, сейчас каникулы.
  6. По воскресеньям в парке много людей.
  7. У вас сегодня много или мало работы?
  8. В субботу в магазинах много народа.


Упражнения «Употребление much, many, a lot of, (a) little, (a) few» (с ответами)

1. Поставьте «+» при правильном использовании « much » или « many », поставьте «-» — при неверном.

  1. We don’t have many food in the house.
  2. I can’t give you many information about the company.
  3. I need much apples for the pie.
  4. How many people are there in your office?
  5. There is much wine in the
  6. She doesn’t have many luggage.
  7. My son earns much money now.
  8. They saw many snow in the mountains.
  9. I have tried diving many times in my life.
  10. John will have much exams next year.
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2. Используйте « much » или « many » для выражения «Сколько…?».

  1. How … days?
  2. How … sugar?
  3. How … cigarettes?
  4. How … work?
  5. How … petrol?
  6. How … children?
  7. How … theatres?
  8. How … juice?

3. Поставьте « a lot of » (много) в необходимом месте в предложении. Переведите.

  1. We met interesting people at the party.
  2. I ate fish for lunch.
  3. She bought nice shoes for the next summer.
  4. They have problems in their business.
  5. There is water in the bath.

4. Перепишите вопросы, заменив some на « a little » или « a few ».

  1. Would you like some cheese?
  2. Would you like some mineral water?
  3. Would you like some strawberries?
  4. Can I offer you some black coffee?
  5. Can I offer you some bread?
  6. Shall I bring you some biscuits?
  7. Shall I bring you some plums?
  8. Would you like some meat?

5. Поставьте подходящее слово из скобок.

  1. There is too … (much/many/a few) salt in the soup. (В супе слишком много соли.)
  2. There are … (much/a little/a few) sky-scrapers in our city. (В нашем городе есть несколько небоскребов.)
  3. I’ve got … (much/a few/a little) albums of this singer. (У меня есть несколько альбомов этого исполнителя.)
  4. My job allows me to travel … (much/many/a few). (Моя работа позволяет мне много путешествовать.)
  5. We’ve got … (little/many/few) free time. (У нас мало свободного времени.)
  6. I have never seen so … (much/little/many) stars in the sky. (Я никогда не видел так много звезд в небе.)
  7. Anna spent … (much/a few/a little) days in Rome. (Анна провела несколько дней в Риме.)
  8. I’d like just … (much/a few/a little) tea. (Я бы хотел лишь немного чая.)
  9. There was very … (little/few/many) rain last autumn. (Прошлой осенью было очень мало дождей.)
  10. Very … (few/little/much) Russian tourists are staying at our hotel. (Очень мало русских туристов проживает в нашем отеле.)


  1. – (У нас немного еды в доме.)
  2. – (Я не могу предоставить вам много информации об этой компании.)
  3. – (Мне нужно много яблок для пирога.)
  4. + (Сколько людей в вашем офисе?)
  5. + (В бутылке много вина.)
  6. – (У нее немного багажа.)
  7. + (Мой сын сейчас зарабатывает много денег.)
  8. – (Они увидели много снега в горах.)
  9. + (Я пробовал нырять много раз в своей жизни.)
  10. – (У Джона будет много экзаменов в следующем году.)
  1. How many days? (Сколько дней?)
  2. How much sugar? (Сколько сахара?)
  3. How many cigarettes? (Сколько сигарет?)
  4. How much work? (Сколько работы?)
  5. How much petrol? (Сколько бензина?)
  6. How many children? (Сколько детей?)
  7. How many theatres? (Сколько театров?)
  8. How much juice? (Сколько сока?)
  1. We met a lot of interesting people at the party. (Мы встретили много интересных людей на вечеринке.)
  2. I ate a lot of fish for lunch. (Я съел много рыбы на обед.)
  3. She bought a lot of nice shoes for the next summer. (Она купила много красивой обуви на следующее лето.)
  4. They have a lot of problems in their business. (У них много проблем с бизнесом.)
  5. There is a lot of water in the bath. (В ванной много воды.)
  1. a little (Вы будете немного сыра?)
  2. a little (Вы будете немного минеральной воды?)
  3. a few (Вы будете немного клубники?)
  4. a little (Могу я предложить вам немного черного кофе?)
  5. a little (Могу я предложить вам немного хлеба?)
  6. a few (Я принесу вам немного печенья?)
  7. a few (Я принесу вам немного слив?)
  8. a little (Вы будете немного мяса?)