much many a lot of правило с упражнениями

Much Many упражнения с ответами

Предлагаю Вам большую подборку упражнений на much и many. Данные упражнения much many для детей подойдут и взрослым, которые делают только первые шаги в изучении английской грамматики. Ответы к much many exercises вы найдете в комментариях к статье. Отдельно есть также несколько упражнений на how much и how many.

Much / many упражнения.

Упражнение 1. Insert much or many.

  1. Do you drink ________coffee?
  2. I like reading. I read _________.
  3. We have _______ lessons of English this year.
  4. I like this new teacher very _______
  5. I can’t remember _______ from this text.
  6. Do you learn _______ new English words every day?
  7. We haven’t got ________ bread.
  8. There isn’t________ salad in the fridge.
  9. She hasn’t got ________ cassettes.
  10. I can’t spend ________ money on toys

Упражнение 2. Choose the appropriate answer. Much or many?

  1. They have too (many/much) furniture in the room.
  2. There are too (many/much) books on your desk.
  3. You have too (many/much) mistakes in the test.
  4. You must drink (many/much) coffee.
  5. You put too (many/much) vegetables in the soup.
  6. You put too (many/much) fruit in the salad.
  7. Must we learn (many /much) words for today?
  8. We have got (many /much) sandwiches.

Упражнение 3. Insert much or many.

  1. They don’t have ________ words to learn.
  2. There isn’t ________ furniture in the room.
  3. There aren’t ________ things in the wardrobe.
  4. There isn’t ________ snow in the forest
  5. He has got
  6. I don’t take ________ money to school.
  7. Do you need ________ money?
  8. There are ________ new houses in the street.
  9. There are not ________ shops in our street.
  10. ________ people come to Moscow in summer.

Упражнение 4. Insert much or many.

  1. You can see ________ cars near the airport
  2. You mustn’t eat so ________ bananas
  3. You mustn’t drink so
  4. He hasn’t met ________ people there.
  5. He didn’t ask ________
  6. He bought _______ furniture for his new flat.
  7. This work won’t take ______ time.
  8. Have we got _______ apples for the children?
  9. I don’t like _______ salt in the salad
  10. My little sister speaks _________ that’s why we call her «a chatter box».

Упражнение 5. Find and correct mistakes if any.

  1. We didn’t take many food with us.
  2. There aren’t much new subjects this year.
  3. I haven’t much free time today.
  4. He doesn’t do much written exercises every day.
  5. We don’t drink many coffee in our family.
  6. There isn’t much furniture in my room
  7. There wasn’t many happiness in his face.
  8. Not many new ideas were discussed.
  9. We shan’t have much lessons tomorrow.
  10. I won’t have much mistakes in this exercise.

Упражнение 6. Fill in many or much.

  1. Is there ________ tea in the cup? No, not ________
  2. Are there ________eggs in the fridge? Yes, there are ________ eggs.
  3. Is there ________ milk in the bottle? Yes, there is ________ milk.
  4. Are there ________ lemons in the box? No, not ________
  5. There are _________ apples on the table.
  6. There _________ many sandwiches in the fridge.
  7. Is there ______ coffee in the cup?
  8. There is ______ jam on the plate.
  9. There are ______ bananas in the bag.
  10. Is there _______ bread on the table?
  11. There is _______ salad on the plate.
  12. Are there _______ cups on the shelf?
  13. There are _______sandwiches in the bag.
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Упражнение 7. Fill much or many in the blanks.

  1. It costs _________ money to travel round the world
  2. We saw _________ interesting things in the museum.
  3. Most people in town have jobs. There isn’t _________unemployment there.
  4. It takes _________hard work to get a university degree.
  5. There was so_________ traffic that we were delayed for an hour.
  6. Have you invited _________ guests to your dinner party?
  7. I don’t think there will be _________interest in tonight’s hockey match.
  8. There isn’t _________news about Michael Jackson at the moment
  9. Look, is there _______ sugar in our sugar-pot?
  10. _______ pupils of our class are going to have higher education.

Упражнение 8. Put in much or many before the nouns.

  1. You have wasted _______ time for preparing dinner.
  2. She didn’t do _______ exercises yesterday, she didn’t have _______ time.
  3. Did she read this book _______ times?
  4. Are there _______ flowers in front of the house? Do they need _______water?
  5. There weren’t _______ people at the party last Saturday.
  6. Are there _______ cars in the street?
  7. We haven’t got_______ butter in the house.
  8. They didn’t spend______ money
  9. I haven’t got _______ time.
  10. Have you got _______ friends?

Упражнение 9. Fill in much or many before the nouns. Write if the nouns are countable or uncountable.

  1. Are there ________ cars in the street?
  2. How ________ days are there in a week?
  3. We haven’t ________ butter in the house
  4. They didn’t spend________ money.
  5. I haven’t got ________time.
  6. Have you got ________ friends?
  7. Don’t put ________ sugar in my tea
  8. We saw ________interesting things in the museum

How much How many exercises. Упражнения How much How many.

Упражнение 10. Insert how much or how many

  1. _______ money has he got?
  2. _______ pupils are there in your class?
  3. _______ tea do you have every day?
  4. ______ honey have we got? We haven’t got _______honey.
  5. _______ tea did you have yesterday?
  6. _______ days are there in a week?

Упражнение 11. What questions do they ask customers in these places?

  1. a post oflice
  2. a theatre
  3. a flower shop
  4. a bank
  5. a baker’s
  6. a petrol station

Write one question for each place. The first is done for you.


Упражнения «Употребление much, many, a lot of, (a) little, (a) few» (с ответами)

1. Поставьте «+» при правильном использовании « much » или « many », поставьте «-» — при неверном.

  1. We don’t have many food in the house.
  2. I can’t give you many information about the company.
  3. I need much apples for the pie.
  4. How many people are there in your office?
  5. There is much wine in the
  6. She doesn’t have many luggage.
  7. My son earns much money now.
  8. They saw many snow in the mountains.
  9. I have tried diving many times in my life.
  10. John will have much exams next year.
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2. Используйте « much » или « many » для выражения «Сколько…?».

  1. How … days?
  2. How … sugar?
  3. How … cigarettes?
  4. How … work?
  5. How … petrol?
  6. How … children?
  7. How … theatres?
  8. How … juice?

3. Поставьте « a lot of » (много) в необходимом месте в предложении. Переведите.

  1. We met interesting people at the party.
  2. I ate fish for lunch.
  3. She bought nice shoes for the next summer.
  4. They have problems in their business.
  5. There is water in the bath.

4. Перепишите вопросы, заменив some на « a little » или « a few ».

  1. Would you like some cheese?
  2. Would you like some mineral water?
  3. Would you like some strawberries?
  4. Can I offer you some black coffee?
  5. Can I offer you some bread?
  6. Shall I bring you some biscuits?
  7. Shall I bring you some plums?
  8. Would you like some meat?

5. Поставьте подходящее слово из скобок.

  1. There is too … (much/many/a few) salt in the soup. (В супе слишком много соли.)
  2. There are … (much/a little/a few) sky-scrapers in our city. (В нашем городе есть несколько небоскребов.)
  3. I’ve got … (much/a few/a little) albums of this singer. (У меня есть несколько альбомов этого исполнителя.)
  4. My job allows me to travel … (much/many/a few). (Моя работа позволяет мне много путешествовать.)
  5. We’ve got … (little/many/few) free time. (У нас мало свободного времени.)
  6. I have never seen so … (much/little/many) stars in the sky. (Я никогда не видел так много звезд в небе.)
  7. Anna spent … (much/a few/a little) days in Rome. (Анна провела несколько дней в Риме.)
  8. I’d like just … (much/a few/a little) tea. (Я бы хотел лишь немного чая.)
  9. There was very … (little/few/many) rain last autumn. (Прошлой осенью было очень мало дождей.)
  10. Very … (few/little/much) Russian tourists are staying at our hotel. (Очень мало русских туристов проживает в нашем отеле.)


  1. – (У нас немного еды в доме.)
  2. – (Я не могу предоставить вам много информации об этой компании.)
  3. – (Мне нужно много яблок для пирога.)
  4. + (Сколько людей в вашем офисе?)
  5. + (В бутылке много вина.)
  6. – (У нее немного багажа.)
  7. + (Мой сын сейчас зарабатывает много денег.)
  8. – (Они увидели много снега в горах.)
  9. + (Я пробовал нырять много раз в своей жизни.)
  10. – (У Джона будет много экзаменов в следующем году.)
  1. How many days? (Сколько дней?)
  2. How much sugar? (Сколько сахара?)
  3. How many cigarettes? (Сколько сигарет?)
  4. How much work? (Сколько работы?)
  5. How much petrol? (Сколько бензина?)
  6. How many children? (Сколько детей?)
  7. How many theatres? (Сколько театров?)
  8. How much juice? (Сколько сока?)
  1. We met a lot of interesting people at the party. (Мы встретили много интересных людей на вечеринке.)
  2. I ate a lot of fish for lunch. (Я съел много рыбы на обед.)
  3. She bought a lot of nice shoes for the next summer. (Она купила много красивой обуви на следующее лето.)
  4. They have a lot of problems in their business. (У них много проблем с бизнесом.)
  5. There is a lot of water in the bath. (В ванной много воды.)
  1. a little (Вы будете немного сыра?)
  2. a little (Вы будете немного минеральной воды?)
  3. a few (Вы будете немного клубники?)
  4. a little (Могу я предложить вам немного черного кофе?)
  5. a little (Могу я предложить вам немного хлеба?)
  6. a few (Я принесу вам немного печенья?)
  7. a few (Я принесу вам немного слив?)
  8. a little (Вы будете немного мяса?)
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Much или Many? Упражнения с ответами и переводом

Пройдите упражнения на much и many, чтобы лучше понять тему. Если вы не помните, когда использовать much, а когда many, прочитайте эту статью: “Much, Many, Much of, Many of – “много” по-английски”.

Упражнение 1. Much или Many?

Расставьте по местам слова much и many.

  1. I have many friends in your city. – У меня много друзей в вашем городе.
  2. There are many cars at the parking lot. – На парковке много машин.
  3. I don’t have much time. – У меня немного времени.
  4. She has many reasons to believe you. – У нее много причин для того, чтобы вам поверить.
  5. There is so much useful information in this book! – В этой книге так много полезной информации!

Упражнение 2. Much или Many?

В этом упражнении вам нужно заполнить пробелы, написав подходящее слово – much или many.

  1. I have many brothers and sisters. – У меня много братьев и сестер.
  2. How much time do you need for homework? – Сколько времени вам нужно на домашнюю работу?
  3. There is too much sugar in my coffee. – В моем кофе слишком много сахара.
  4. How many times did I tell you not to touch anything here? – Сколько раз я тебе говорил ничего здесь не трогать?
  5. You drink too much coffee. – Вы пьете слишком много кофе.
  6. You have taken too many pills. – Вы выпили слишком много таблеток.
  7. That job is too hard for me. I’m going to quit. It’s too much. – Эта работа слишком трудная для меня. Я ухожу. Это чересчур.

Упражнение 3. Much, Many, Much of, Many of

В этом упражнении обращайте внимание на перевод. Пропуски могут включать не только слова much, many, но и предлог of: much of, many of.