английский язык грамматика сборник упражнений 4 класс фото

Сборник грамматических упражнений для 4 класса

по грамматике английского языка

для учащихся 4х классов

Разработан и составлен

учителем английского языка

I. Fill in he, she, it, we, you, they as in the example

II. Choose the correct form of the verb

Joey is / are my parrot.

Brian and I am / are friends.

Dave, you is / are very tall!

Jenny is / are from Australia.

Brian and Jenny are / is cousins.

III. Write as in the example

They ___ dancers. ___ dancers.

She ___ a teacher. ___ a teacher.

We ___ students. ___ students.

I ___ Tony. ___ Tony.

He ___ a cosmonaut. ___ a cosmonaut.

Brian is clever. He’s clever .

Zoe and Vicky are friend . They’re friends.

Dave is a basketball player. ______ a basketball player.

The children are in the garden. ______ in the garden.

My cousin and I are 9 years old. ______ 9 years old.

The door is open. ______ open.

The cats are on the table. ______ on the table.

Vicky is happy. ______ happy.

V. Answer the questions

2. Are they cats?

3. Is Pam a student?

4. Is it a bird?

5. Are they at home?

6. Are the balls in the box?

7. Are you a teacher?

VI. Ask and answer

Yes, it is.

3. _____ a fish?

Yes, _____

5. ___ she a teacher?

6. ___ they birds?

VII. Ask and answer as in the example

student teacher student teacher student doctor

English Greek Italian American Greek Japanese

London Athens Rome New York Thessaloniki Tokyo

Ann / a doctor Is Ann a doctor? No, she isn’t. She’s a student.

Mario and Costas / students

Susan and Mario / teachers

Ann and Mario / Greek

Manos / from New York

Costas / thirteen years old

VIII. Look at Exercise VII and fill in is / isn’t / are/ aren’t

Ann isn’t a doctor. She is a student. Manos 1 ___ a student. He 2 ___ a doctor. Susan and Kim 3 ___ students. They 4 ___ teachers. Ann 5 ___ from Athens. She 6 ___ from London. Kim 7 ___ 10 years old. She 8 ___ twent y- five. Ann, Mario and Costas 9 ___ doctors. They 10 ___ students. Manos and Costas 11 ___ English. They 12 ___ Greek. Susan and Kim 13 ___ 13 years old. They 14 ___ 25 year s old.

Fill in: my, your, his, her, its, our, their.

(Looking through the photos.)

This is Billy and this is … dog.

This is Mary and this is … lamb.

These are Pam and Ted and this is … cat.

This is me and this is … bike.

This is a robot and this is … head.

This is Kim and Sam and this is … dog.

We are Rob and Kevin and this is … parrot.

This is you and this is … friend.

Fill in: my, your, his, her, its, our, their.

We are sisters. Our eyes are the same.

Look at that dog! … ears are very funny.

This is my best friend. … name is Peter.

These are my friends. … names are Polly and Max.

The children are in the kitchen with … mother.

We are from England. … houses are in London.

This is my brother. … name is Brian.

Peter’s got a sister. … name is Lucy.

Please, open … books on page 28.

Hello. … name’s Kate and I’m ten years old.

Fill in the correct form of the verb.

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Mike … basketball. (play)

We … to school at 8 o’clock. (go)

Carlos … the guitar very well. (play)

They . mother with the cooking. (help)

I … milk for breakfast. (drink)

My mum … a uniform at work. (wear)

Choose the correct form .

Brian, Dave and Zoe have got/has got a new bike.

Dave have got/has got tickets for the cinema.

You have got/has got a clever dog.

I haven’t got/hasn’t got a bike.

They have got/has got two bananas.

We haven’t got/hasn’t got an mp3 player.

She have got/has got green eyes.

Peter haven’t got/hasn’t got a computer.

Look, read and write .

Dave hasn’t got a big family.

He … a sister. Her name is Suzy. He … a brother.

Suzy … a purple T-shirt. She … a jumper.

Dave’s grandfather … a moustache. He … beard.

Dave’s mother and grandmother … short hair. They … long hair.

Tell or write about your family .

I / big family — I haven’t got a big family .

My mum / short hair

My granny / glasses

Ask and answer as in the example:

1.) It / a short nose 2.) They / fluffy tails

— Has it got a short nose?

— No, it hasn’t. It’s got a long nose.

3.) It / legs

1.There are … potatoes in the bag.

2. Are there … books on the table?

3. There is … milk in the bottle.

4. Is there … butter in the fridge.

5. There is … juice in the glass.

6. Are there … chairs in the room?

7. There aren’t … pencils on my table.

8. Is there … bread in the shop?

II. Write some or any .

Stephanie is packing her suitcase.

Stephanie: I need 1 … shoes. I don’t need 2 … boots. I need 3 … dresses and T-shirts. I don’t need 4 … jumpers or gloves. I don’t need 5 … warm clothes at all. I need 6 … shorts, jeans and I need 7 … money of course.

III. Look at the picture and ask/write questions and give the answers.

1.grapes? Are there any grapes?

Yes, there are some.

2.bread? I s there any bread?

No, there isn’t any bread.

IV. Complete with Is there or Are there . Then answer the questions.

Is there an i-pod on Beth’s desk? – No, there isn’t.

. four photos on Beth’s desk? — …………

……… . two keys on Lucy’s desk? — …………..

……… . three CDs on Lucy’s desk? — …………..

……… .. a laptop on Beth’s desk? — ……………

……… .. a lamp on Lucy’s desk? — ……………..

………… a cake on Beth’s desk? — …………….

………… . two magazines on Lucy’s desk? — ………..

V. (Pair work) Compare the pictures. Guess what picture your friend is thinking about?

— Is there a table next to the TV in your picture?

Zoe is a pretty girl. She was a pretty baby.

Dave is tall. He … a tall baby too.

The girls are at the shop today. They … at shops yesterday too.

We are in London this week. We … in Paris last week.

It is cold this morning. It … cold yesterday morning.

I’m in the park today. I … at school yesterday.

You are at home this Saturday. You … at home last Saturday too.

It … hot last summer.

There … two cakes yesterday.

The boys … at home last night.

Mum … at work yesterday.

There … a cat here an hour ago.

My friends … at school yesterday.

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James … at the party on Sunday.

There … a lot of people yesterday.

Read and correct the sentences.

morning: park morning: zoo with Vicky

afternoon: cinema with Adam afternoon: swimming pool

evening: Adam’s house evening: at home

Peter was at the cinema on Saturday morning.

He wasn’t at the cinema. He was in the park.

Jenny was at home on Sunday afternoon.

Jenny and Vicky were in the park on Sunday morning.

Peter was at home on Saturday evening.

Jenny was at Zoe’s house on Sunday evening.

Peter and Adam were at the library on Saturday afternoon.

you / at home yesterday afternoon?

Were you at home yesterday afternoon? — No, I wasn’t.

you / at the cinema? -Yes, …

Mick and Carol / with you? -No, …

they / at the swimming pool? -Yes, …

the film / interesting? -No, …

your / brother at home? -No, …

he / at the sports center, too? -Yes, …

Answer the questions .

Where were you last Sunday?

Was the weather good?

Were you happy on your first day at school?

What was your teacher’s name?

Read, choose and write .

where when what how many whose who

Fill in who, whose, what, when, where.

Wh ere? in the park.

What/Who is that? – That’s Mike.

Where/When do you live? – In Green Street.

How many/How much is this bag? – It’s 15€.

What/Who is this? – It’s a pen.

How/How many old are you? – I’m 11.

Whose/Who jacket is this? – It’s Kate’s.

What/What time is it? – It’s ten o’clock.

How much/How many books? – A lot.

What/Why are you happy? – It’s my birthday.

When/Where is your birthday? – On May 25 th .

What/When is the weather like? – It’s raining.

Complete the questions.

Why are you wearing a coat? – Because it’s cold.

-… is your party? – On Sunday.

— … money have you got? — £10.

— … is your school? – It’s near the park.

— … brothers have you got? – Two.

– is he? – He’s Mr. Smith.

— … are you reading this book? – Because it’s interesting.

– is the weather like? – It’s snowing.

— … hat is this? – It’s Ann’s.

— … does he come from? – from Spain.

… water is there? – Two bottles.

… girls are there? – Twelve.

… are they doing? – They’re playing.

… is he? – In the kitchen.

— … is your birthday? – In June.

— … are you running? – Because I’m late.

— … is the weather like? – It’s sowing.

— … books have you got? – Not many.

-… pencil is this? – It’s mine.

Write the plurals in the correct column.

bear knife butterfly potato leaf bus toy wolf sandwich baby class robin shelf photo piano day cherry beach thief city

a tooth – teeth a foot – feet a goose – geese

a man – men a woman – women a child – children

a sheep – sheep a fish – fish a dear – dear

a mouse – mice an ox – oxen

Complete with comparatives. Then do the quiz.

Are these statements true or false?

Neptune is smaller than Jupiter. (small) true/false

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The Mississippi River is ___ the Nile River. (long) true/false

N. Novgorod is ___ Moscow. (big) true/false

The Pyramids are ___ Moscow Kremlin. (old) true/false

Moscow University ___ Ostankino TV Tower. (tall) true/false

The USA is ___ Australia. (big) true/false

The Volga River is ___ the Moskva River. (shorter) true/false

The USA is ___ Russia. (young) true/false

Complete with superlative.

The smallest bird in the world is only 5.5 cm long. (small)

The blue whale is ___ animal in the world. (big)

___ fish in the world is the Indo-Pacific sailfish. (fast)

The seahorse is ___ fish. (slow)

___ spider in the world can eat birds. (big)

___ snake in the world is a python. (long)

Everest is ___ mountain in the world. (high)

The Amazon River is ___ river in the world. (long)

Complete the sentences with of / in / than .

My room is bigger ___ yours.

Tom is the oldest ___ us all

She is taller ___ me.

Ben is the tallest boy ___ class.

Summer is hotter ___ winter.

The Volga is longer ___ the Oka.

This car is the fastest ___ these three cars.

Complete the sentences.

Jill is ___ Cody. ( short)

A horse is ___ a dog. (big).

A blue whale is ___ animal. (big)

Sam is ___ boy in our class. (tall)

Tim is ___ Harry. (happy)

June is ___ April. (hot)

February is ___ month of the year.

June is ___ April. (hot)

February is ___ month of the year.


a dog a snake a tarantula


a goldfish a shark a dolphin


a horse a hamster a dog


a frog a fish a goldfish


a hamster a cat a horse

1. Snakes are more dangerous than dogs. Tarantulas are the most dangerous of all.

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