английский 9 класс устные темы диалоги и упражнения по английскому языку

Диалоги к устному экзамену по английскому языку в 9 классе
учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему

В статье представлены примерные тексты тематических диалогов для подготовки к устному экзамену по английскому языку в 9 классе.


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примерные диалоги к устному экзамену по английскому языку в 9 классе 82.5 КБ

Предварительный просмотр:


  1. Good morning. I’d like to attend foreign language courses.
  2. Good morning. What language would you like to study?
  3. English. May I be enrolled this month?
  4. Yes, you may.
  5. Where are the courses situated?
  6. We are at 10 Pushkin Street.
  7. How many lessons do you have a week? How long do the courses last?
  8. We have 3 lessons a week, the courses last 6 months.
  9. How much do they cost?
  10. They cost 12000 roubles.
  11. What do you require for the courses?
  12. We need a copy of your passport and a blank of payment
  13. OK. Have you got groups of different levels of knowledge?
  14. We have 3 types of groups: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  15. How many students are there in a group?
  16. There are about 10 students in each group.
  17. Who teaches the students?
  18. High-qualified teachers or native speakers.
  19. Thank you for the information.
  20. You are welcome.

Билет № 3 Диалог «ЭКСКУРССИЯ В МОСКВУ»

  1. Hello, Colin! You haven’t forgotten we are going sightseeing today?
  2. Hello, Misha! Of course not. What will be the starting point of our sightseeing?
  3. Red Square and the Kremlin. I think it is the most interesting place in Moscow.
  4. When was it built?
  5. You see, Moscow began with the Kremlin. And it was founded in 1147.
  6. I was told that the Kremlin had been rebuilt many times.
  7. Yes, it was. Originally the Kremlin was a fortress.
  8. I see, its walls are very high and thick. What is the biggest tower of the Kremlin?
  9. Spasskaya. It often serves as a symbol of the country. We can hear the bells of the clock on the radio.
  10. Just like Big Ben in London. Shall we go inside the Kremlin?
  11. Of course, we shall. You’ll see many interesting things there. Shall we take Lena and Masha with us?
  12. OK. Let’s go together.


  1. Good morning, I’m Misha Ivanov. What do you want?
  2. Good morning, I’m a reporter of the local newspaper “Gorodskoj Ritm”. May I ask you some questions, Misha?
  3. Yes, of course. What would you like to know?
  4. I’ve heard that your class got a special grant. What was it for?
  5. Our class took part into the regional contest “My Native Town”.
  6. What did you do for the contest?
  7. We made a multimedia presentation “ Troitsk Is My Native Town”
  8. Where was the contest held?
  9. It was held in one of Moscow schools in November.
  10. How many pupils of your class participated in the project?
  11. About ten. Five were working on the slides for the presentation and the other five presented them on the stage to a special committee.
  12. What nomination did you get for your project?
  13. Our project was selected as the best and we won the first prize.
  14. What prize were you given?
  15. We were awarded the trip to London for a week.
  16. When are you going there?
  17. We’ll go there in July.
  18. Have a nice trip and good luck!
  19. Thank you, good-bye!
  20. Good–bye and thank you for the interview.


  1. Excuse me…
  2. Yes?
  3. Could you tell me the way to Plaza Hotel? Is it far from here?
  4. Not very far, it’s on Picadilly Street.
  5. How can I get there? Would you help me, because I’m in London for the first time.
  6. Yes, certainly. I’ve lived in London all my life. Now you are at the bus stop, take 56 bus, the third stop is Picadilly Circus.
  7. How long will it take to get there?
  8. About half an hour. Get off there. Then go straight ahead and you are in Picadilly Street.
  9. Thank you very much. I must say you Londoners are very friendly.
  10. That’s nice to hear; after all I’m a Londoner too. Shall I go with you?
  11. Oh, no, thanks. Now that you’ve explained it all so well, I’ll get there easily.
  12. Have a nice time in London!
  13. Thank you.
  14. Not at all.


  1. Good morning, Mrs. Brown.
  2. Good morning, Mike.
  3. May I talk to you right now?
  4. Yes, what’s the matter?
  5. I was told to make a report about the USA. But I really don’t know what should I write about. Can you give me some advice?
  6. Of course, I can. I know that you are very good at History. Why not tell us about the political system of the USA?
  7. All right. Then, what exactly should I touch on in my report?
  8. You may write about the US President and his functions, for example. Tell me please, what are his main functions?
  9. Let me think for a moment. As far as I remember , he commands the armed forces, conducts foreign affairs, recommends laws to the Congress…
  10. You are quite right. Besides, for how many years is the US President elected?
  11. I know for sure – every four years.
  12. By the way, would you be able to elect the President if you were American?
  13. If I’m not mistaken, any citizen who is at least 18 years old can vote. But I wouldn’t, I am only …
  14. You can also mention some outstanding Presidents of the USA, some interesting facts from their biographies.
  15. Well, I think I have enough information for my short report. Thank you for your help, Mrs. Brown.
  16. You are welcome. Make it ready by next Monday.


  1. Good morning, Peter. I see you are wearing your running shoes. Have you been jogging this morning?
  2. Yes. I have just run one kilometer race in Central Park. Now I feel good and refreshed.
  3. That sounds like you go jogging every morning. You do it to be in good shape, don’t you?
  4. Not only for this reason. It helps me to be both physically and mentally healthy. This kind of sport keeps my body in good condition and I also feel relaxed after it.
  5. I noticed that a lot of people in your town are fond of jogging. Is it a tradition?
  6. Yes, it is. Every season we have the New York Health Run. It’s a kind of a marathon race. But most of the runners take part not so much for competition but to keep physically fit.
  7. That’s great! I’d like to participate in it. I’m not much of a sportsman and I need some training before. Where should I go to practice jogging?
  8. Well, you may join our local jogging club. I’m a member of it. We have trainings three days a week. Today I’ll go there at 4 p.m.
  9. That’s fun! May I go with you? What should I take with me?
  10. Of course, you may. Put on a T-shirt and shorts, wear your running shoes. I’ll be waiting for you near the house.
  11. OK. I’ll be in time. When will the Health Run take place?
  12. It will be next month, the second Saturday. I think you’ll

manage to exercise enough for it.

Билет № 13 Диалог «ИНТЕРВЬЮ С ШАКИРОЙ»

  1. You are listening to the BBC Music Box with Tom Peters. And now I am talking to Shakira. Good evening, Shakira. How do you do?
  2. Good evening, Tom. I’m OK.
  3. You came from Columbia and became a big star in the USA. When did you begin your musical career?
  4. Well, I wrote my first song at the age of eight. In my childhood I loved singing very much and wanted to become a successful singer.
  5. Did you play any musical instrument?
  6. Oh, yes. I learnt to play the guitar when I was 11. I wrote my songs in Spanish, and then set them to music. My songs were played on the radio and it made me a star in Columbia.
  7. So, you enjoyed a great success in your country. Why did you go to the USA and continue your career there?
  8. One of my friends suggested me to write songs in English. I tried and wrote some. Then I sang them in my concerts and they were a real success. So, I decided to try my fortune in the USA.
  9. Your songs are very popular now. How did you manage to get so much success in the USA?
  10. Oh, with the help of a fine combination of my songs and dancing. My producers made wonderful video-clips of my songs and I found out a talent for dancing.
  11. You are both a talented singer and dancer. What are your plans for the future?
  12. Well, now I’m recording my new album in English and I hope it will be as interesting and successful as my previous ones, or even more.
  13. I wish you good luck and a lot of success in your work. Thank you for the interview. Good -bye.

— Thank you. Good- bye.


  1. Hello, Peter! How are you?
  2. Hello, Misha! Just fine. I am going to have a snack at McDonald’s, will you join me?
  3. Though I am not hungry, I wouldn’t refuse from a cup of tea. Is there another café where we can go?
  4. Why don’t you like McDonald’s? You can have there both a cup of tea and a tasty Muffin, for example. As for me, I’d like a Big Mac with a cup of strong coffee.
  5. How can you eat all this? It is junk food! There is too much sugar in drinks and too much salt in fried potatoes. Besides, there is not enough fruit and vegetables on the menu.
  6. You are wrong. There are some salads and some fruit juice as well. I think McDonald’s food is rather tasty and I don’t pay much money for it.
  7. How careless you are! Eating such food is risky and can be really dangerous. This food is low in vitamins.
  8. But I don’t see a real danger. I can quickly have my lunch there. Fast food restaurants are very popular in the USA.
  9. I think, this food is unhealthy. I saw many fat Americans in the streets. It is possible that people have become fat because they are fond of junk food.
  10. I really don’t want to become fat. What should I do?
  11. First of all, get rid of your bad habit – eating at McDonald’s. Eat more healthy food with much fruit and vegetables. Drink fresh juice instead of coffee. And don’t overeat in the evening.
  12. Oh, that’s enough for me now. It’s not easy to keep such a diet at once, but I’ll try.


  1. Good morning, Olga Leonidovna.
  2. Good morning, Katya.
  3. May I talk to you right now?
  4. Yes, what’s the matter?
  5. Our class is responsible for preparing a concert dedicated to the Day of Troitsk. Besides our foreign friends from Germany want to take part in it. Can you give us some ideas how to organize it?
  6. Well, your cooperation will be very interesting if you do it like a multimedia presentation.
  7. That’s sound great! But what should we speak about?
  8. Why not tell the audience a brief history of Troitsk and Dusseldorf? You may also demonstrate the development of our friendship – our interchange visits.
  9. Wouldn’t it be boring just telling and showing slides?
  10. You may mix your presentation with some singing or dancing. Ask your German friends to sing their national songs or to show us their traditional dances.
  11. That’s fine! And we can also sing some traditional Russian songs as well. When is it better to perform our concert?
  12. As soon as you are ready with all the items of the programme, show them to me, and then we arrange about the date.
  13. Thank you very much for your help.
  14. You’re welcome.


  1. Hello, Peter! Why are you so sad?
  2. Hello, Misha. I’m sick and tired of all the exams. I feel depressed and wrecked.
  3. So, why are you sitting on the sofa and watching TV? Do you think it will help you to feel better?
  4. I don’t know. I want to relax and have some fun. What else can I do?
  5. Don’t be a couch potato! Switch off a television and call your friends.
  6. All of them are in the same bad mood after the exams.
  7. So, why not get together and have a picnic outdoors? There’s a nice picnic zone not far from here.
  8. That’s a good idea. All of us need some fresh air and entertainment. We can also play some games like football or volleyball.
  9. Yes, of course. There are a lot of sport grounds there.
  10. And what about the weather? Have you heard the weather forecast for tomorrow?
  11. They say it will be warm and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Such weather is perfect for a picnic.
  12. OK. Thank you for a good idea. Will you join us?
  13. With pleasure!


  1. Hello, Mike! What are you going to do on Saturday? Are you busy or free on the weekend?
  2. Hello, Misha! I have nothing special to do. I’d like to go somewhere. Do you have any ideas?
  3. That’s fine. What about going to our town picture gallery? There is a new exhibition. They say it’s very interesting.
  4. What a good idea! I’m greatly interested in Russian Art. What pictures are exhibited now?
  5. Mostly still lives, portraits and different views of Troitsk. They are very picturesque.
  6. OK. I’ve heard there is an entertainment center not far from the picture gallery.
  7. Yes, of course. You can play bowling, have some snack or watch films there.
  8. Then, why not go there after the exhibition; I’d like to have some fun.
  9. With pleasure! I often go there with my friends, we really enjoy spending time in this center.
  10. Well, where shall we meet tomorrow?
  11. Don’t worry, let’s meet at the bus stop at 4 p.m.
  12. OK, so long!
  13. So long, see you tomorrow!


  1. Good morning, Harry.
  2. Good morning, Mrs. Helen. May I talk to you right now?
  3. Yes, what’s the matter?
  4. I’m trying to write an article for our school magazine.
  5. What is your article about?
  6. It’s about keeping the environment clean and protecting the surroundings of our town from pollution.
  7. It sounds like your subject is too big. You should write about something concrete.
  8. I’d like to touch on the problem of recycling things we have used. My father visited a recycling center during his trip to the USA a month ago. But I don’t know what should I start with.
  9. Really? Then, why not starting with a title “Recycling Instead of Burying”? Something like that. Use it as your main idea.
  10. That’s great! I’ll describe the American idea of a quality environment and how recycling waste products helps them to fulfill it.
  11. Another thing to remember is to mention the old practice of burying trash in the ground.
  12. Yes, certainly! It’s not the way out to solve the problem of trash disposal since we will some day run out of the places to bury it.
  13. I’m looking forward to reading your article. Don’t forget that the deadline is next week.
  14. OK. Thanks. See you next week.
  15. Good-bye!
  16. Good-bye!


  1. Hello, Masha!
  2. Hello, Dasha! Glad to meet you. You look wonderful.
  3. Thanks.
  4. Had good holidays?
  5. Yes, I travelled about the USA.
  6. Really? What was it like?
  7. It was great!
  8. What cities did you visit?
  9. A lot. New York, Los Angeles, San-Francisco and Washington.
  10. You are lucky! What city impressed you most?
  11. Of course, the capital of the USA, Washington. It is one of the most beautiful and unusual cities in the United States.
  12. Unusual! Why?
  13. Because the city is very green and you can hardly find a park, a square or an open area in Washington without a monument or a memorial.
  14. That’s great! Did you take any pictures of your voyage?
  15. A lot. Come to me at the weekend and I’ll show you them.
  16. With pleasure, see you on Saturday!

— Good-bye, and so long!

Билет № 8 Диалог «В МАГАЗИНЕ ОДЕЖДЫ»

  1. Good afternoon. What can I do for you?
  2. I’m looking for a T-shirt.
  3. We have new collections of various designers. Can I show them to you?
  4. Yes, please. I’d like a T-shirt to match my new jeans (skirt).
  5. May I have a look on them?
  6. Certainly, here they are.
  7. Oh, Moschino! You’ve got a good taste. I can recommend you a violet T-shirt with a print or a pink one with a fashionable embroidery.
  8. Can I try them on?
  9. Yes, of course. The fitting room is over there.
  10. This violet (pink) is very smart, but it’s not my size. Can you give me a size bigger?
  11. Just a moment. Here is your size, but it’s more expensive.
  12. That doesn’t matter. I like the colour on me, don’t you?
  13. I think it looks terrific on you. Besides, it’s the hit of the season.
  14. I think I’ll take it. How much is it?
  15. Fifteen euro.
  16. OK. Where do I pay?
  17. Over there at the cash desk.
  18. Thank you for your help.
  19. You’re welcome.


  1. Hello… Sasha, is that you? It’s Peter calling.
  2. Oh, Peter! What a nice surprise! I haven’t heard of you for ages! Where are you calling from?
  3. I’m still in London now, but I’m going to come to Moscow next week.
  4. That’s great! How long are you going to stay in Moscow?
  5. Three or four days. Will you be able to meet me at the airport?
  6. Yes, of course! When will you arrive in Sheremetievo?
  7. I’ll be there next Monday, at 10: 30 local time, Flight 123.
  8. All right. What hotel in Moscow are you going to stay at?
  9. I have already reserved a single room at the hotel “Ismailovo”.
  10. Are you coming on business or for pleasure?
  11. I’d like to combine them both. I’ll have a free day on Friday. I’d like to have a talk with you and to visit Bolshoj Theatre. Would you buy tickets for us in advance?
  12. OK. There is the “Swan Lake” on. I’m looking forward to your arrival. So long!
  13. So long! See you next Monday!


  1. Hello Masha! Nice to see you again.
  2. Hello, Dasha. Me too. I’ve heard that you’re going to take English-studying courses. What for?
  3. Yes, it’s true. I’d like to improve my English because I need more speaking and writing practice.
  4. Are you kidding? You have already been studying it at school for five years. Isn’t it enough for speaking it quite well?
  5. I think, it isn’t. I have some knowledge of English grammar, I know quite a lot of words. It’s time for me to master my English. It will take me three months at least.
  6. What? Three months? Why should you make so much efforts and waste your time while you can use different computer translators?
  7. You are wrong, it’s not a waste of time at all. I admit it’s a hard work, but I’ll be able to talk with native speakers after all.
  8. So, why not address to a qualified interpreter? There are a lot of agencies that can offer you a proper help.
  9. Yes, of course. But I prefer to speak English myself, than to wait for someone’s help. My dream is to visit many countries of the world and meet different people. English is a world language.
  10. Anyway, my strong belief is that you can easily do it without much studying.
  11. Maybe. But I’ll need English for my future job too. English today is absolutely necessary for every good specialist.
  12. So, you have already made your choice of a career, haven’t you?
  13. Not yet. I’m just getting ready for it.


  1. Hello, Peter! What are working on?
  2. Hi, Lena.I’m writing an essay for my Literature lesson.
  3. What’s it about?
  4. It’s about how to become successful in life. What do you think about it?
  5. It is really hard to answer. I want to live a happy life. That means to have my own family – a husband, two children…
  6. And what about your future profession? Aren’t you going to enter a university after school?
  7. Yes, of course. First of all I’m going to study medicine. I think I will follow my mother’s footsteps and become a children’s doctor.
  8. You shouldn’t say so. You seem to have a talent for music.
  9. Well, that’s only a hobby. When I graduate from Medical School I’d like to get an interesting and respected job. Then I’ll marry and have a family. That’s my success in life. And what about you?
  10. As for me, I want to follow my own footsteps. The most important thing for me is to get excellent higher education. I know that I’m good at _____________. Maybe I’ll be a (an) ________________.
  11. Do you think this profession will bring you a success?
  12. Anyway, I’d like to have a prestigious and well-paid job. I expect it to be interesting and pleasant.
  13. You are a dreamer. How about your own family?
  14. I don’t think about it now. I’ll probably be ready for it

after I become successful in my profession.


  1. Hello, Peter!
  2. Hello, Misha! I see that you are playing a computer game. Don’t you know that it’s no good for you?
  3. Maybe. But it’s so exciting! I have been playing for 2 hours already. I think I’m about to win.
  4. Two hours are too much for you. You shouldn’t play on the computer more than 40 minutes a day. Do you care of your eyesight?
  5. Yes, I do. I think the computer won’t do me any harm.
  6. You are mistaken. I see no use in computers. Playing on them is harmful for health, it’s of no educational value. Just a waste of time.
  7. I can’t agree with you. Computers have brought us many advantages. The Internet is one of them. You can get there much information in a short time.
  8. And, what? I can find it in a book. I prefer meeting with my friends than surfing the net.
  9. You can communicate with your friends instantly by email. Moreover you can buy almost anything on the Internet without leaving your home.
  10. It’s true. But spending your time in the Internet you forget about your study and your future.
  11. Nothing of the kind! Nowadays any specialist must be a good computer user.
  12. That’s right. Why not have a break and play badminton?
  13. OK. With pleasure!


  1. Hello, Peter, is that you? It’s Sasha calling.
  2. Oh, Sasha! What a nice surprise! I haven’t heard of you for ages! Where are you calling from?
  3. I’m still in Troitsk now, but I’m going to come to London in October.
  4. That’s great! Haw long are you going to stay in London?
  5. A week. What’s the weather like in London in October?
  6. It depends on whether you’ll come at the beginning or at the end of October.
  7. I’ll go there on the last week of October. We usually have autumn holidays at that time.
  8. Oh, you are not lucky, because the weather is very changeable in late autumn.
  9. Then, what clothes should I take with me?
  10. Well, take a raincoat and an umbrella, wear cozy shoes for rain. Don’t forget a warm sweater.
  11. Will it be raining all days long?
  12. I’m not quite sure. In London a nasty morning can change into a fine afternoon and vice versa. So take some light clothes as well.
  13. Thank you. I am looking forward to the trip. I’ll visit London for the first time.
  14. Have a nice trip and good time in London!
  15. Thank you.

Билет № 20 Диалог «ПРОЕКТ О ГОЛЛИВУДЕ»

  1. Hello Masha!
  2. Hello Dasha! What about our homework – to make a project about the USA, do you have any ideas?
  3. Let’s make a digest about the history of Hollywood.
  4. OK. I am fond of American films. Most of all I like blockbusters with special effects. What exactly shall we speak about?
  5. Well, let’s share our tasks. I’m interested in the first American colour films. My favourite film is “Gone with the Wind”.
  6. Oh, that famous film about the Civil War between the North and the South? I like this film, too. What will you tell about it?
  7. I’d like to say a few words about the author of the novel Margareth Mitchell and then about the famous actors in the film.
  8. It will be interesting, I think. As for me, I want to tell about my favourite American film “Jurassic Park”.
  9. What do you like in this film?
  10. Of course, special effects. I like the big dinosaurs — they are perfect! They are not real, it’s true. Computers made many models of them and made them alive.
  11. Yes, American cinema industry develops rapidly. I’ve heard that they have cinemas with a 30 meters screen. Can you imagine this?
  12. No, I can’t. But I’d like to go to Hollywood some day and to see how they make special effects. What about you?
  13. Me, too. Well, let’s finish our projects to the end of the week, shall we?


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