alexander and his friends are planning to visit упражнение

true fnd false? 1. Alexander and his friends are planning to visit several Scandinavian count…

true fnd false?
1. Alexander and his friends are planning to visit several Scandinavian countrie 2. They are travelling by train. 3. In Helsinki they are staying at a luxurious 5-star hotel. 4. Senate Square is the historical centre of Stockholm. 5. The shopping streets in Helsinki are in the very centre of the city. 6. Alexander is giving some information about the ferry. 7. The 14th deck of Symphony ferry is a helicopter deck. 8. They are arriving in Stockholm in the evening. 9. Stockholm is rich in museums. 10. Their coach arrives in Moscow in the morning.

We are at Alexander’s flat. Alexander and his friends are deciding which places of interest they are going to visit during their winter holidays.
Alexander: We are leaving Moscow for St Petersburg by train on January 3rd at night. At about 5 am we are arriving in St Petersburg and taking a coach to Helsinki. In Helsinki we are having lunch, a tour of the historical centre of the city and free time.
Jane: Any suggestions on how to spend the free time?
Nora: Going shopping! Shopping streets are Aleksanterinkatu and Esplanadi. They are connected to Senate Square.
Alexander: At 5 pm we are moving to Stockholm in the luxurious ferry Sumphony. Nora is telling her friends about this 14-deck ferry, its cabins,lounges, restaurants and cafes, shops and entertainments. It is famous for its Promenade, luxurious suites with a bathroom, tax-free shops,600-seat restaurant «Buffet»(or smorgasbord) with a fantastic choice of dishes, spa salons, night clubs and bars, a swimming pool,cinema and even a helicopter deck!
Alexander: At 9:30 am we are in Stockholm where we are visiting the Royal Palace,Drama Theatre, City Hall,Cathedral, Old Town and many other attractions. Stockholm is one of the most crowded museum-cities in the world with around 100 museums. At 5 pm we are leaving Stockholm for Helsinki and back to St Petersburg and Moscow.
Peter:Excellent. I think we are going to have a very interesting trip.

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